Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review

As I have quite a pale face I find it hard to fine the right foundation so I'm always switching and changing me look which means I go through a lot of foundations! I've been using the Rimmel Wake Me Up one for around 2 months now and thought it was due a review, I got it in the shade light porcelain which is a very pale shade.

The coverage is light to medium and is build able as it's quite a runny foundation I would advise using a makeup tool to help apply the foundation to the skin like a sponge or brush as I don't think it would go on well with your fingers. Once applied to the skin it's quite a dewy foundation leaving the skin looking shiny which I'm not a fan off so I add powder on top to attempt to get rid of the dewy look. The foundation last's on my face for around 4 hours when I need to re apply if for any reason I can't by around 6-8 hours I pretty much I have no foundation on which is extremely annoying.

It has a low SPF off 15 which isn't to great but at least it has one which is good and as it's in the Wake Me Up range is has anti-fatigue effect and a radiant glow effect which you can see with the dewy effect, however I found even after using a sponge I was covered in glitter which just wouldn't wash off which is not ideal.

The packaging is nice and it's in a glass bottle and has a pump so it's easy to use and looks lovely, you get 30 ml's off the product which I have around a quarter off the bottle left around 2 months so should last around 3 months which is great for a foundation. I'm not 100% a fan of the product due to the fact it doesn't stay on all day and I find it can sometimes go on to thick and cakey.

It is however good for people who want a light foundation with a light coverage and they don't mind re applying throughout the day, it cost's £8.99 which is very expensive for what you get but if you can get along with the product then it's a great price to pay.

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