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I've recently seen quite a few reviews for the Rimmel Provocalips 16 hour wear kiss proof lip colour and was really happy to see some in my local store. If the reviews hadn't been good I wouldn't off picked one up as the price is £7.99 which is a bit much for a lip gloss, but as the reviews has all be positive I went for the nice pink shade.

There are 8 shades in total and the product claims to be a 16 hour wear transfer and food proof and oh course kiss proof, it also states to be a highly moisturising product which doesn't dry the lips out. Sounds pretty awesome right, it's a good job I agree!

The packaging is cute and girly with two 4ml tubes attached to a double ended wand for applying the lip gloss, with kissed stained one end and the colour of the product the other you can't really go wrong with the packaging, The product has an odd scent as the colour doesn't smell to nice a bit like plastic but then the clear end has a nice fruity scent which was odd to me but once on the lips you can only really smell the fruity scent which is good.

Now for the important part did it have all the quality's it boasted about having!? I tested the kiss proof out on my little brother by giving him a big jammy kiss on his cheek and there was no transfer lucky for him, the food transfer I tested with a lunch off soup and bread and the product managed to stay on throughout my meal which really impressed me. It left my lips moisturised and made them feel nice and soft which is great as you don't want a product on your lips for 16 hours if it's going to dry them out and make them look horrid and chipped.

The colour was great a nice shocking pink for nights out and when I'm feeling a bit more outgoing, it did last all day on my lips as well and at the end of the night when it came to taking my make up off it was still going strong which I loved. It states you will need an oil based cleanser to remove the product so I tested it out with my Bioderma and my Liz Earle cleanser and they both pretty much got it off with a bit of scrubbing.

Overall I was highly impressed with the product and would really recommend it as they have enough colours in the collection for you to defiantly find one you love! Let me know if you do pick one up and if you find it as impressive as I did.

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