Ciate Talent Scout

This is my second ever nail polish from the brand Ciate and I've not been let down, the name of the product is Talent Scout which I always love how Ciate have such nice names for there product's unlike most other brands which either copy each other or come up with rude names which are not suitable for anyone under the age of 16!

Talent Scout is a deep dark purple ideal for winter I used two coats and got a really nice rich purple with a nice glossy coat. It lasted on my nails an impressive 6 days before I needed to remove as it had got to chipped but it did impressed me with it's 6 day wear.

The Ciate range is available online from around £8 upwards and comes in a great range off colours, have your tried out Talent Scout what did you think of the product?

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  1. I've never tried ciate because of the price, would you say they last?

    1. Hey they are quite pricey! I would say with a top coat it lasted on my nails for around 6 days which is quite good =] x