Barry M Brow Kit Review

I have the worlds worse eyebrows! Even at Benefit she said they were bad, I've tried most things getting them tinted and using pencils but I was after a product which gave me a more defined and natural look which I've 100% found in the Barry M Brow Kit, which is easy to use and works well.

It comes in a handy small box with gold writing on which looks glamorous and fits into my makeup bag like a dream. In the set you get an eyebrow wax, eyebrow powder and a highlighter for the arch of the brow, also included is some tweezers and a handy mirror all which fits in the small 4.5g case!

To use the product you just apply the wax to the brow using the slanted brush in a stroke motion this is to shape the brow and make it easier for the powder to stick, I found the wax to work great as it goes on nicely and doesn't damage the eyebrow as it leaves them really soft and not hard like you would think a wax would make them feel! Next up you add the powder which is to add colour and to make the brow look fuller, I found it again easy to use with a stroke motion and found it easy to blend and to get the right colour as it doesn't go on the thick and adds just the right amount of colour to the brows. Lastly you have the highlighter which you apply using your finger to the arch of your brow to lighten the area and make it stand out better, I found it again extremely easy to do and it added a nice effect to the arch of my brow making it stand out and look great.

The product stays put all day on my brows and doesn't fade which really impressed me as well as being easy to apply it was easy to take the product off as I just used my Bioderma and a few wipes later it was completely off.

I love this product and would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants fuller thicker eyebrows without the hassle of getting them tinted or using products which make you look like a clown! It's only £5.99 which is a price perfect for such a great product!

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  1. I've never used a coloured wax on my brows, the palette I have has a clear wax. I'm intrigued to try this though as it sounds good and I'm running out!

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