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I was extremely happy to come home from work to find a parcel on my bed which came all the way from America, when Kayleigh from Happy Little Lift asked if anyone was interested in doing a International Box Swap I jumped at the opportunity and got paired with Stephanie over at Riotgirlredux .

We agreed on a budget and asked about like and dislikes then it was just a case of sending the boxes! Inside my box I got quite a big range off goodies some herbal teas, a Zoya nail varnish, It's A 10, Eco Tools Konjac Sponge, a EOS Lip balm and some cute postcards!

Zoya Nail Varnish
The Zoya brand is one I've heard about but never been able to get my hands on any off there products so I was happy to see a lovely deep blue/purple shade. The polish is vegan friendly so it doesn't contain any nasty ingredients and the colour is gorgeous as it looks like a really dark purple but comes out as quite a deep blue which I love.

EOS Lip Balm
The EOS balms are ones which are well known and I've got one of the cubes from there range but fell in love with the packaging from the Coconut one as it's just so cute and chic. The scent is really nice and strong which I love as Coconut can be quite a mild scent but this one is lovely, it's extremely nourishing for the lips and soaks in nicely which I love.

It's A 10
A brand I've never heard of before but it's a product that's meant to do 10 things including repairing damaged hair and stops hair breakage so I'm interested to try it out and see if it works well! The scent is quite nice and neutral and it comes in a really nice bottle, so I'm excited to try this product out.

Eco Tools Konjac Sponge
I've tried some of the Eco Tools products before but I've not seen the Konjac Sponge before but it sounds really good and interested. It's a face cleanser which comes quite hard but once wet it softens up making it easy to remove your cleanser and really clean your face. It sounds great and I can't wait to give it a whirl!

Herbal Tea
I'm a massive fan of herbal and fruit teas so I was happy to see some packets including in the swap, I got two green tea ones which are great for cleansing so I can't wait to give them a go. I also got a Pumpkin Spice one which I'm really excited to try as it sounds really scrummy! 

I'm so glad I got a load of new products to try out and I shall be doing a full review on them all pretty soon!

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