The Body Shop Satsuma Hand Cream

As you may all be aware now my favorite scent is orange/citrus and I adore any products with the scent and will most buy or own them. While I was Christmas shopping in The Body Shop I came across there Satsuma Hand Cream and of course picked up the little tube of joy!

The scent is really strong and once smoothed onto my hands it tends to linger and stay smelling really strong for a good hour or two which I love. It smooths into the hands with no troubles and sinks in nicely leaving you with soft pampered hands with no sticky residue. I always love the handy tubes as they are the perfect handbag sized tubes that fit into any sized bag, they always seems easier to use as well as you just need to squeeze the tube a little to get a small pea sized blob of cream which is enough to cover my hands nicely.

The 30ml tube is available in stores or online for £3.50 which is a perfect price to pay for such a lovely scented hand cream!

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Zoya Neve Nail Varnish

My first ever polish from the brand Zoya and I must say it's one of my favorite nail varnish's in my collection, mainly due to the colour and the look of the polish on the nails. I got this polish in a recent box swap so I'm not sure on prices or where to get the product from, but if anyone knows where to get the range from then let me know!

The shade is from the Satin and Cashmere range so it's a nice glittery and glossy shade which I like a lot, the overall colour you get is a really deep blue with subtle hints of purple. In certain lights my nails looked quite purple and then in others they looks like a denim blue which I loved a lot. The shade got a lot of compliments from people and the glittery effect looked lovely in the certain lights.

The polish lasted on my nails for around 3 days which isn't to long for a polish as it did start to chip of day one but as it's such a nice shade I don't mind one bit. The small bottle is the perfect size to add to my collection and it's simple design looks nice among the other nail polishes with a really nice simple silver logo and plain bottle it's quite a nice chic design.

If anyone knows of any dupes or any store that stock Zoya let me know as I would love to view the rest of the collection!

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Ciate Talent Scout

This is my second ever nail polish from the brand Ciate and I've not been let down, the name of the product is Talent Scout which I always love how Ciate have such nice names for there product's unlike most other brands which either copy each other or come up with rude names which are not suitable for anyone under the age of 16!

Talent Scout is a deep dark purple ideal for winter I used two coats and got a really nice rich purple with a nice glossy coat. It lasted on my nails an impressive 6 days before I needed to remove as it had got to chipped but it did impressed me with it's 6 day wear.

The Ciate range is available online from around £8 upwards and comes in a great range off colours, have your tried out Talent Scout what did you think of the product?

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Rimmel Provocalips - Liitle Minx

I've recently seen quite a few reviews for the Rimmel Provocalips 16 hour wear kiss proof lip colour and was really happy to see some in my local store. If the reviews hadn't been good I wouldn't off picked one up as the price is £7.99 which is a bit much for a lip gloss, but as the reviews has all be positive I went for the nice pink shade.

There are 8 shades in total and the product claims to be a 16 hour wear transfer and food proof and oh course kiss proof, it also states to be a highly moisturising product which doesn't dry the lips out. Sounds pretty awesome right, it's a good job I agree!

The packaging is cute and girly with two 4ml tubes attached to a double ended wand for applying the lip gloss, with kissed stained one end and the colour of the product the other you can't really go wrong with the packaging, The product has an odd scent as the colour doesn't smell to nice a bit like plastic but then the clear end has a nice fruity scent which was odd to me but once on the lips you can only really smell the fruity scent which is good.

Now for the important part did it have all the quality's it boasted about having!? I tested the kiss proof out on my little brother by giving him a big jammy kiss on his cheek and there was no transfer lucky for him, the food transfer I tested with a lunch off soup and bread and the product managed to stay on throughout my meal which really impressed me. It left my lips moisturised and made them feel nice and soft which is great as you don't want a product on your lips for 16 hours if it's going to dry them out and make them look horrid and chipped.

The colour was great a nice shocking pink for nights out and when I'm feeling a bit more outgoing, it did last all day on my lips as well and at the end of the night when it came to taking my make up off it was still going strong which I loved. It states you will need an oil based cleanser to remove the product so I tested it out with my Bioderma and my Liz Earle cleanser and they both pretty much got it off with a bit of scrubbing.

Overall I was highly impressed with the product and would really recommend it as they have enough colours in the collection for you to defiantly find one you love! Let me know if you do pick one up and if you find it as impressive as I did.

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Gelly Hi Shine - Papaya Review

Barry M have a great range of nail varnish and I was having a look when one it particular caught my eye from the Gelly Hi Shine range. It's in the shade Papaya which is a nice light orange shade but as it's from the Gelly Hi Shine effect it looks great on the nails as a nice everyday nail varnish.

I found it lasted for around 5 days which is a bit longer then most polishes as it has the effect they tend to last longer as you need two coats. It gave a really nice shiny muted orange colour to the nails which looked great when caught in the right light, although it's quite a summery shade I've been getting quite a few compliments when wearing this shade and i've been wearing it to work a lot so it's more of a everyday shade then a going out varnish.

What is your favorite shade from the Gelly Hi Shine range?

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TRESemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo

When I think about dry shampoo I always think about using it when my hair is looking a bit greasy but as I wash my hair daily I don't really give it a chance to get to that stage, but after hearing about using a dry shampoo as a hair styler instead I decided to give it ago. I had been given two bottle's off the TRESemme Instant Refresh by Glossybox and thought I would put it under the test of styling my hair.

The scent is quite natural and fresh making it nice to use over a shampoo as there won't be to much scent in your hair after using the product. The bottle design is nice but there's a lot going on making it quite hard to read but it has all the information you need on there, I've got the small 100ml bottle which is the perfect hand bag sized bottle as it's quite a slim one.

The product sprays onto the hair nicely and unlike most other dry shampoos it doesn't have a white residue making it easier to spray onto the hair, it added a nice bounce and a good hold onto my hair making it extremely easy to style. I found it lasted most of the day but as I had the handbag sized bottle I could easily reapply during the day and as it doesn't have the white residue I felt confident using it without a mirror.

No white residue
Hold hair nicely
Neutral scent

A lot going on with the bottle
Small range

This product is fab for anyone wanted a product to refresh the hair and to also style your hair, I love it and since using it for the last three months or so I can't get enough!

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Tanya Burr - Picnic In The Park Review

When I heard Tanya Burr was bringing out new products I panicked and thought she was going to remove her current range in order to make way for a new one but instead she just added to her current line.It did however mean I went and brought her lipgloss in the shade Picnic In The Park, a lovely summer shade that I've been using loads in Winter!

The shade of the product is a very light pink very girly and cute making it the perfect product to add a small hint of colour to the lips. It has the same nice fruity scent which I love as it smells almost like tutti frutti which is a really sweet scent. It doesn't have a sticky residue making it easy to wear and it doesn't get hair stuck in it on a windy day which is great for a lipgloss.

It lasts for around 2-3 hours but as the lipgloss is small and hand bag friendly it's not to much of a bother to re apply during the day. I found the product to be a very summery one and I was suppose to save it for next summer but after using it and loving it so much I've been wearing it quite a lot mostly to work!

It's available to buy from most Superdrug stores for £6.99 which is a great price to pay for such a lovely product!

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Nails Inc Wigmore Street Review

Glamour magazine is one I buy each month as it's only £2 and has all the best articles when it comes to celeb gossip but I was very happy to see in this month's issue it had a Nails Inc polish and some great vouchers. I got the shade Wigmore Street but there's 4 up for grabs and at only £2 you can't really go wrong.

Wigmore Street is a very deep purple shade which you can get a nice deep purple with one coat or with two you get a really dark and almost black look to the nails which is great for winter. I found it lasted on my nails for a good week before they were to chipped and I needed to remove, this is a great length of time for a polish.

The Nails Inc packaging is one of my favorite's and it's so simple and chic with the little silver lid and simple wording I find it looks lovely on display. I also love how creative the names are for the polishes and they never fail to create such nice shade names. The product's are available from most large departments stores for around £11 which is a bit pricey but I do love there products!

What's your favorite shade from the Nails Inc range?

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American Box Swap

I was extremely happy to come home from work to find a parcel on my bed which came all the way from America, when Kayleigh from Happy Little Lift asked if anyone was interested in doing a International Box Swap I jumped at the opportunity and got paired with Stephanie over at Riotgirlredux .

We agreed on a budget and asked about like and dislikes then it was just a case of sending the boxes! Inside my box I got quite a big range off goodies some herbal teas, a Zoya nail varnish, It's A 10, Eco Tools Konjac Sponge, a EOS Lip balm and some cute postcards!

Zoya Nail Varnish
The Zoya brand is one I've heard about but never been able to get my hands on any off there products so I was happy to see a lovely deep blue/purple shade. The polish is vegan friendly so it doesn't contain any nasty ingredients and the colour is gorgeous as it looks like a really dark purple but comes out as quite a deep blue which I love.

EOS Lip Balm
The EOS balms are ones which are well known and I've got one of the cubes from there range but fell in love with the packaging from the Coconut one as it's just so cute and chic. The scent is really nice and strong which I love as Coconut can be quite a mild scent but this one is lovely, it's extremely nourishing for the lips and soaks in nicely which I love.

It's A 10
A brand I've never heard of before but it's a product that's meant to do 10 things including repairing damaged hair and stops hair breakage so I'm interested to try it out and see if it works well! The scent is quite nice and neutral and it comes in a really nice bottle, so I'm excited to try this product out.

Eco Tools Konjac Sponge
I've tried some of the Eco Tools products before but I've not seen the Konjac Sponge before but it sounds really good and interested. It's a face cleanser which comes quite hard but once wet it softens up making it easy to remove your cleanser and really clean your face. It sounds great and I can't wait to give it a whirl!

Herbal Tea
I'm a massive fan of herbal and fruit teas so I was happy to see some packets including in the swap, I got two green tea ones which are great for cleansing so I can't wait to give them a go. I also got a Pumpkin Spice one which I'm really excited to try as it sounds really scrummy! 

I'm so glad I got a load of new products to try out and I shall be doing a full review on them all pretty soon!

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E.L.F Makeup Mist and Set Review

Makeup mist's are not that well known I don't hear that many people talking about them and there not that well seen on the shelves off most stores. I've only tried out two which are the MUA and E.L.F ones which both work great but I've been using the E.L.F one for the last month and thought I would do a little review as it's a great product to own.

The packaging is simple and basic which is a great look, it's a plastic bottle with white writing I own the 60ml bottle which is the perfect makeup bag sized bottle. The product has some great ingredients in such as Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber and Vitamins A,C and E which are brilliant for the skin ,as it doesn't have any strong scented ingredients in the product it has a nice natural scent.

Using the product is simple and easy as all you do is hold the bottle out and spritz onto the face with make up on I use around 3 spritz which is enough to cover the face, the product settles and sinks into the skin really quickly and doesn't leave me with a sticky face or a wet face which is prefect when applying make up. I think the main concern with the product is after you have put your makeup on spraying a liquid onto it will ruin your makeup look but I can 100% say it won't ruin or wreck your makeup I even use it on mascara and it does't smudge or ruin my makeup!

Overall the product is a great one to own as it doesn't have any nasty ingredients, it's an affordable product at £3.95 and it works well!

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Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review

As I have quite a pale face I find it hard to fine the right foundation so I'm always switching and changing me look which means I go through a lot of foundations! I've been using the Rimmel Wake Me Up one for around 2 months now and thought it was due a review, I got it in the shade light porcelain which is a very pale shade.

The coverage is light to medium and is build able as it's quite a runny foundation I would advise using a makeup tool to help apply the foundation to the skin like a sponge or brush as I don't think it would go on well with your fingers. Once applied to the skin it's quite a dewy foundation leaving the skin looking shiny which I'm not a fan off so I add powder on top to attempt to get rid of the dewy look. The foundation last's on my face for around 4 hours when I need to re apply if for any reason I can't by around 6-8 hours I pretty much I have no foundation on which is extremely annoying.

It has a low SPF off 15 which isn't to great but at least it has one which is good and as it's in the Wake Me Up range is has anti-fatigue effect and a radiant glow effect which you can see with the dewy effect, however I found even after using a sponge I was covered in glitter which just wouldn't wash off which is not ideal.

The packaging is nice and it's in a glass bottle and has a pump so it's easy to use and looks lovely, you get 30 ml's off the product which I have around a quarter off the bottle left around 2 months so should last around 3 months which is great for a foundation. I'm not 100% a fan of the product due to the fact it doesn't stay on all day and I find it can sometimes go on to thick and cakey.

It is however good for people who want a light foundation with a light coverage and they don't mind re applying throughout the day, it cost's £8.99 which is very expensive for what you get but if you can get along with the product then it's a great price to pay.

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Barry M Brow Kit Review

I have the worlds worse eyebrows! Even at Benefit she said they were bad, I've tried most things getting them tinted and using pencils but I was after a product which gave me a more defined and natural look which I've 100% found in the Barry M Brow Kit, which is easy to use and works well.

It comes in a handy small box with gold writing on which looks glamorous and fits into my makeup bag like a dream. In the set you get an eyebrow wax, eyebrow powder and a highlighter for the arch of the brow, also included is some tweezers and a handy mirror all which fits in the small 4.5g case!

To use the product you just apply the wax to the brow using the slanted brush in a stroke motion this is to shape the brow and make it easier for the powder to stick, I found the wax to work great as it goes on nicely and doesn't damage the eyebrow as it leaves them really soft and not hard like you would think a wax would make them feel! Next up you add the powder which is to add colour and to make the brow look fuller, I found it again easy to use with a stroke motion and found it easy to blend and to get the right colour as it doesn't go on the thick and adds just the right amount of colour to the brows. Lastly you have the highlighter which you apply using your finger to the arch of your brow to lighten the area and make it stand out better, I found it again extremely easy to do and it added a nice effect to the arch of my brow making it stand out and look great.

The product stays put all day on my brows and doesn't fade which really impressed me as well as being easy to apply it was easy to take the product off as I just used my Bioderma and a few wipes later it was completely off.

I love this product and would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants fuller thicker eyebrows without the hassle of getting them tinted or using products which make you look like a clown! It's only £5.99 which is a price perfect for such a great product!

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