Zoella Fizz Bar Review

When I heard one of my favorite Youtuber's was releasing a new line of beauty items I was intrigued to see what was in the product line up and was happy to see a mixture of products to keep everyone happy. I was really excited to see a bath product and wanted to try it out but it turned out there was a lot of other people who also wanted to try it out and no matter what store I went into it was sold out, but luckily on a recent browse of my local Superdrug I got my hands on Fizz Bar.

The best thing about the product I found was the light subtle floral scent which lingered in the air after using and soaked into my skin after getting out of the bath making me feel all warm and happy inside. The product is easy to use as you have 8 large chunks which break away easily, I found I needed two chunks for one bath meaning I get 4 uses out of the product which is great for the price you pay.

The package design is nice and simple with the pink polka dot theme which is on most of the products making it stand out from other brands and has a nice clean fresh twist about it, instead of being to in your face like most other brands. It's also very similar to her blog design matching it to Zoella making it seem more like her design and really making the product personal which I like.

To pick up the Fizz Bar for £5 a bargain! It's from selected Superdrug stores the one's I've visited and know stock them are Edinburgh Princes Street, Banbury and Oxford! Have you tried out any of the Zoella Beauty products what were you thoughts?
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  1. This looks great, it`s a good idea for a gift :)