Revlon Charmed Enchantement Cream Blusher

I'm a big fan off cream blushers but don't tend to buy to many of them as I normally find one I love and stick to it before buying a new one when running out, but I was feeling like I needed a change and wanted to try a new one out so went with one from the range Revlon. The name got my attention with it being Charmed Enchantement and then I noticed it's deep dark rose shade and before I knew it it was in my basket and I was on the way to the tills!

The price for a small 12.3g pot is £7.99 which is a bit pricey but I find cream blushers to last a little longer then normal ones so I didn't mind paying that much. The packaging was kind of a let down as it's a simple little plastic pot with black lid and then a sticker off the product name and the logo just kind of stuck on not really centered or in much care which doesn't overly impressed me.

The blusher is a really nice warm winter rose shade which blends onto the skin nicely and smoothly meaning the cheek get's a lovely flush off colour. I find that it stays on the skin for around a good 6 hours before I needed to touch up but that was with a spritz off fixing mist without the mist I feel like it would only last around 4 hours or so. The product has a nice scent about it which I find you only get with product that work well and with it being from the Photoready range it photographs really nicely meaning it's a lovely product for day to day wear and also a nice products for going out or events.

Have you tried out any of the Revlon cream blushers, what were your thought?

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