My Trip To Edinburgh

I didn't think it was possible to fall in love with a city but Edinburgh has most defiantly taken my heart, it is such a pretty city and the people there are so friendly it made it hard to leave. I spent 3 days in the city and 2 days travelling there, there was so much to do that I was rushed off my feet for the full three days. The best thing about Edinburgh is there is always something really beautiful around the corner which I loved, also the fact that most attractions are affordable or free made it so much more relaxing to explore the city.

To make my way around the city I used the Hop On Hop Off bus which had 5 buses in total exploring the whole of Edinburgh, making it easy to get to all the main attractions. I only booked it for the 2 days as on my third day I was only going to go to one destination so I didn't need the buses, for two days it cost £18 and the buses were available from 9-5pm. I found the drivers to be helpful and easy to talk to and with the running audio on the bus it was easy to find the right stop, the buses were clean and heated.

I stayed in a Travelodge on Waterloo Place which is just off Princes Street so I had a nice central location but it was just off the main street so I didn't have the noise and stress off being on a busy street. My hotel was clean and the staff were really helpful and friendly, the room got cleaned each day and they had some great extras free of charge like an iron and hairdryer. They also had breakfast available for £4.99 and they had a coffee and snack bar as well in the main lobby.

For attractions Edinburgh is jam packed with things to do and I almost didn't have enough time to get everything done and to see everything. The main thing I loved was there was museums on most streets and they were all free, I went into around 5 museums in total my favorite being The National Museum of Scotland. There is also lots of attractions to see like to Castle and the Zoo this are all affordable, the most I pay for an attraction was £16 which is great compared to most places.

Of course I went shopping! I visited the main street Princes Street and explored all the main stores mostly Lush, H&M and Topshop but I also went into Princes Mall and St James Shopping centre and they had some great shops in there as well which was handy when it rained. I shall be posting a haul on Wednesday if you fancy taking a look at what I brought!

So that's about it from my Edinburgh trip, let me know the place you would love to visit?

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time - I'm looking forward to reading your haul post.

    The city I'd most like to go to is Venice! :)


    1. I would love to visit Venice it looks like such a pretty place xx

  2. The place I'd most like to go is either LA/NY or London (which I'm going next year, so excited) :3 Lovely post!

    x, Daniela.

    1. I'm off to New York next year :-), London is a lovely place to visit hope you have fun x