Lush Christmas and Halloween Haul

I couldn't wait to get my hands on some of the Christmas range from Lush so while I was working in Birmingham I went into there branch to pick up a few bits but may of ended up with most of the range!

Northern Lights - £3.50
This floral scented bath bomb looks rather grand and I can't wait to try it out, it has adorable little stars stuck on and is in an impressive purple long stick shape. It's part of the Halloween range but it's more for Bonfire night.

Sparkler - £3.50
It looks like Northern Lights as it has the same shape but the scent is more of a sweet scent as it's the same as Rose Jam, it's a colourful yellow with bit's of popping candy in which I can't wait for. Again it's in the Halloween range but it's meant for Bonfire night.

Wizard - £3.25
It's going to be herd to crumble this little hat up as mine looks rather sad, I'm not sure what it's suppose to be but I'm guessing it's a hat! It has lovely citrus scent's and I can't wait to give this little bubble bar a go.

Sparkly Pumpkin - £3.50
This is a very sweet scented bubble bar which looks lovely, it's extremely glittery and smalls incredible. It's the last from the Halloween range that I brought but I could easily use this bubble bar all year round!

Snow Angel - £3.95
This bath melt looks divine and has the nicest hint of floral about it, it melts straight away when you pick it up and has such nice ingredients in , I can't wait to give it a whirl.

The Christmas Hedgehog - £3.25
It's suppose to be a bubble bar but feels much more like a bath melt as it melts in the hands when picking up, it has slight citrus scents about it and looks adorable, I'm not sure I can crumble this little one under the tap!

Dashing Santa - £2.95
This one did make me laugh in the shop it looks so cute and funny! It's my favorite scent of citrus and orange which made me adore it even more. It's a great price and I feel its more for the kids but there's no way I'm giving it to my brother, it's all mine!! =]

Snow Fairy - £7.50
Of course I picked up a bottle of Snow Fairy, the best way to describe it would be as if someone was making bubblegum and accidentally added to much sugar! It's pink and glittery and the scent is so strong and overpowering that it lasts all day on the skin, I adore it!

What product are you most looking forward to trying out this Christmas?

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  1. You've picked up some great stuff, I love northern lights! It spins around in the bath and you can't not buy snow fairy. It's my fave! xo

  2. You Have picked up some really great stuff, another great release this year from lush was the Yog nog soap, head over to my blog to read my review on it.

    1. I had a little look at the Yog Nog soap and it looked lovely but as I had picked up loads already I had to leave it! =] x