Since the age of 14 I've dyed my hair and have never really gone back to my original colour until around the age of 22 when I got sick of having damaged hair and wanted to start again. I thought I would share with you some photo's of my hair over the years and I thought I would give you some tips on how to get your hair back to being in a nice condition.

So when I was little I had blonde/white hair which everyone loved and thought it looked amazing, especially when I grew it down to my bum. I had this style of hair until I turned 11 at which point my hair had faded to a dark blonde and I opted to cut it into a 'bob' which didn't please a lot of people but it was what I wanted.

Throughout school I had curtains from growing my fringe out and I didn't do much just kept it at just above or below my shoulders length which was fine. Until I discovered at the age of 14 hair dye, I started with nice shades like dark brown or a hint of red which was fine, but leaving school at 16 meant I had a lot more freedom to dye my hair more daring colours.

So I opted for bright red and then after getting bored I went for black, if I could go back in time at this point I would sit myself down and have a very long talk with myself! I started to add highlights and damage my hair more and more which had an awful effect. When I needed to get a job I found people judging my style and I needed to get the dye out my hair, but being 17 with no income meant I had to grow the dye out my hair and wait which was awful.

Once I had my hair back to normal I decided to try again with the whole thing but went to the hairdressers this time which was a great option as they added a lovely blonde to my hair and I loved it! But the blonde didn't last as it was to hard to keep up and my hair never looked as good as when I first dye it so I got annoyed and went back to a redish brown.

My hair at this point was extremely damaged it was dry and I had developed an extremely sensitive scalp resulting in me only being able to use certain products. My hair now is in nice condition and back to it's normal colour which I'm so pleased about.

In order to get the perfect hair I use a few simple products like Simple Shampoo to not create an irritated scalp, once a week I do an intense hair mask to create thicker and more nourished hair, everyday I use a heat protection to stop my hair being damaged by my hairdryer and lastly I hardly ever straighten my hair so it doesn't get burnt and damage.

Do you have any top tips for the perfect lock of hair?

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  1. Great post! I have such a boring 'hair history' in comparison to yours.
    Your hair looks really nice now though. :)