Etre Belle Liplift Peel

My lips always suffer in the colder months and I always find I get nasty chipped lips that look horrid but in the recent Glossybox there was a product that caught my eye from a brand I've not really heard much about Etre Belle.

The product is a lip exfoliator which at first I was not going to use as it has the word peel in which normally means it has an acid or harmful ingredient in which is going to cause more damage then comfort. But after reading about the product I decided to give it ago, you simply need to rub the product onto your lips and keep rubbing until it dissolves and then remove the left over product.

I found it was nice and easy to use and it didn't damage my lips with any scary acid or harsh ingredients, I used a nice lip butter after and my lips felt really nice and pampered which was great. For around £10 you get a small 15ml tube which is far to expensive when you can create your own scrub with some sugar! However if you don't mind splashing the cash then I would recommend this product for anyone looking at getting nice smooth lips.

Did you try out the liplift peel what were your thoughts on the product?

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  1. I've seen quite a few posts of this, I really want to try it! I find when my lips are dry for a long period of time, scrubs don't work that effectively.

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