Edinburgh Haul

Of course I did a spot of shopping when visiting Edinburgh last week, it wasn't a massive shop but it was enough to put a strain on my suitcase. I visited Lush, Primark, HMV and Superdrug and got a few small item's which I'm sure you will love.

I picked up two of my favorite bath bombs Phoenix £3.35 bath bomb which is a lovely purple and gold bath bomb, I picked up quite a large one but they are sometimes smaller. I also picked up Sunnyside which I adore it's a really glittery bubble bar which get's everywhere it's only £3.75 but I love using it!

My music taste is normally rock but I was after a nice happy upbeat cd so I went for The Vamps as I love a few of there songs they have released I thought I would check out the rest of the songs, the cd was only £4.99 which is a great buy.

I've been after the Tanya Burr Picnic In The Park for ages and when she said she was bringing out new products I decided to have a proper look for it as I didn't want it to leave the shelves and I would never be able to buy it, so I was happy to find it in the Princes Street Superdrug for £6.99.

I've saved the best till last =] , I was after a new winter coat and found a lovely blue one which reminded me of Paddington Bear so I picked it up for £18! a complete bargain. To go with the coat I picked up some new knitwear I went for a scarf for £4, a hat for £2.50 and some gloves for £2 all in a navy colour. As you should all be aware now I'm addicted to Harry Potter and picked up some stretchy socks for £2.50 which will go nicely with the grey t-shirt that I got for £6 I love the colours they have used in the t-shirt. For Halloween I found a great bargain of a t-shirt for £6 which is a skeleton design which glows in the dark! Lastly I got some lovely Mickey Mouse underwear for £4.50 and a new make up case in a Bambi design for £3!

I hope you liked the haul and if you have posted a recent one let me know!

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  1. Lovely post, need to try those bath bombs :) x beautyfabb.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you, I used Phoenix last night it's as good as it looks! X