Lush Northern Lights Review

My first review from this year's Lush range is the impressive Northern Lights a bright and fun looking bath bomb, with floral scents and impressive colours it's hard not to like this bath bomb.

The scent is floral and is quite strong with hints of Jasmine and small hints of citrus which makes it quite a strong scented bath bomb but the scent lingers all day and fills the bathroom which I love as well as staying on the skin all day as well.

The most impressive thing about this bath bomb was the colours which exploded from the bath bomb filling my water with a deep purple. It started with just a blue but after a while the other end of the bath bomb started to dissolve to reveal a greeny yellow which all swirled together to create the deep purple.

As well as the heavenly scent and impressive explosion of colour there was also some adorable little stars which dissolved slowly in the bath and were almost there till the end which was a lovely added touch in the rather grand bath bomb.

To pick up Northern Lights I would do it quickly as it's a limited edition bath bomb it's available online or in store for £3.50!

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Flutter My Way - So Susan Flutter Mascara Review

I got this product in the recent pop art Glossybox and have fallen in love, it's everything I love and need in a mascara and will be needing a new one soon as I've been using it none stop over the last few weeks.

The packaging is so simple and sweet it's spot on for me, the rose gold tube with simple black writing is classic and chic but the added bird design on the top of the tube really sells the product for me. It's a normal sized tube with an easy to use wand although it's a lot smaller and more sturdy than some mascara's which I found much easier to use as I could reach all my lashes to create a bold look.

The mascara went on well and wasn't to thick but create a nice thick mascara look, I only needed one coat to create a dark black look. I also found it dried quickly so it didn't get onto the top lid of my eyes and didn't leave any marks which really impressed me.

The one thing I wasn't excepting from the product was the scent it's kind of fruity almost like a watermelon scent which impressed me a lot as it's completely different from all the other mascara's I've tried making it stand out. The product is £14.95 which is perfect for such a nice product, it's cruelty free and has no harsh ingredients making it wearable for contact lens wearers.

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Lush Christmas and Halloween Haul

I couldn't wait to get my hands on some of the Christmas range from Lush so while I was working in Birmingham I went into there branch to pick up a few bits but may of ended up with most of the range!

Northern Lights - £3.50
This floral scented bath bomb looks rather grand and I can't wait to try it out, it has adorable little stars stuck on and is in an impressive purple long stick shape. It's part of the Halloween range but it's more for Bonfire night.

Sparkler - £3.50
It looks like Northern Lights as it has the same shape but the scent is more of a sweet scent as it's the same as Rose Jam, it's a colourful yellow with bit's of popping candy in which I can't wait for. Again it's in the Halloween range but it's meant for Bonfire night.

Wizard - £3.25
It's going to be herd to crumble this little hat up as mine looks rather sad, I'm not sure what it's suppose to be but I'm guessing it's a hat! It has lovely citrus scent's and I can't wait to give this little bubble bar a go.

Sparkly Pumpkin - £3.50
This is a very sweet scented bubble bar which looks lovely, it's extremely glittery and smalls incredible. It's the last from the Halloween range that I brought but I could easily use this bubble bar all year round!

Snow Angel - £3.95
This bath melt looks divine and has the nicest hint of floral about it, it melts straight away when you pick it up and has such nice ingredients in , I can't wait to give it a whirl.

The Christmas Hedgehog - £3.25
It's suppose to be a bubble bar but feels much more like a bath melt as it melts in the hands when picking up, it has slight citrus scents about it and looks adorable, I'm not sure I can crumble this little one under the tap!

Dashing Santa - £2.95
This one did make me laugh in the shop it looks so cute and funny! It's my favorite scent of citrus and orange which made me adore it even more. It's a great price and I feel its more for the kids but there's no way I'm giving it to my brother, it's all mine!! =]

Snow Fairy - £7.50
Of course I picked up a bottle of Snow Fairy, the best way to describe it would be as if someone was making bubblegum and accidentally added to much sugar! It's pink and glittery and the scent is so strong and overpowering that it lasts all day on the skin, I adore it!

What product are you most looking forward to trying out this Christmas?

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Revlon Charmed Enchantement Cream Blusher

I'm a big fan off cream blushers but don't tend to buy to many of them as I normally find one I love and stick to it before buying a new one when running out, but I was feeling like I needed a change and wanted to try a new one out so went with one from the range Revlon. The name got my attention with it being Charmed Enchantement and then I noticed it's deep dark rose shade and before I knew it it was in my basket and I was on the way to the tills!

The price for a small 12.3g pot is £7.99 which is a bit pricey but I find cream blushers to last a little longer then normal ones so I didn't mind paying that much. The packaging was kind of a let down as it's a simple little plastic pot with black lid and then a sticker off the product name and the logo just kind of stuck on not really centered or in much care which doesn't overly impressed me.

The blusher is a really nice warm winter rose shade which blends onto the skin nicely and smoothly meaning the cheek get's a lovely flush off colour. I find that it stays on the skin for around a good 6 hours before I needed to touch up but that was with a spritz off fixing mist without the mist I feel like it would only last around 4 hours or so. The product has a nice scent about it which I find you only get with product that work well and with it being from the Photoready range it photographs really nicely meaning it's a lovely product for day to day wear and also a nice products for going out or events.

Have you tried out any of the Revlon cream blushers, what were your thought?

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Etre Belle Liplift Peel

My lips always suffer in the colder months and I always find I get nasty chipped lips that look horrid but in the recent Glossybox there was a product that caught my eye from a brand I've not really heard much about Etre Belle.

The product is a lip exfoliator which at first I was not going to use as it has the word peel in which normally means it has an acid or harmful ingredient in which is going to cause more damage then comfort. But after reading about the product I decided to give it ago, you simply need to rub the product onto your lips and keep rubbing until it dissolves and then remove the left over product.

I found it was nice and easy to use and it didn't damage my lips with any scary acid or harsh ingredients, I used a nice lip butter after and my lips felt really nice and pampered which was great. For around £10 you get a small 15ml tube which is far to expensive when you can create your own scrub with some sugar! However if you don't mind splashing the cash then I would recommend this product for anyone looking at getting nice smooth lips.

Did you try out the liplift peel what were your thoughts on the product?

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Yves Rocher - Quelques Notes D'Amour

This scent was featured in the recent Popart Glossybox and is a scent which I'm sure is meant for older ladies but I'm in love with the rich wintery scent from the French designer Yves Rocher. To translate the meaning to English is a nice simple 'Notes Of love' which is a lovely fragrance name.

The scent is a really warm and uplifting rose with subtle hints off a smoky fragrance reminding me of being outdoors. I found a little goes a long way and with two small drops off the product I carried the scent for the rest off the day. I had a few compliments when wearing the product and my mum is already eyeing it up, so it's an all round great product.

The bottle design is quirky and subtle which is spot on for me as it looks really nice and simply but then has a lovely cut out heart shape on the edge of the bottle creating a nice subtle yet quirky design making it perfect for a display perfume.

It's available to buy online and in most stores starting from £9 for a small room spray or a bottle for £17.50 for 30 ml which is a fantastic price to pay for such a gorgeous scent, have you tried it out what were your thoughts?

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Since the age of 14 I've dyed my hair and have never really gone back to my original colour until around the age of 22 when I got sick of having damaged hair and wanted to start again. I thought I would share with you some photo's of my hair over the years and I thought I would give you some tips on how to get your hair back to being in a nice condition.

So when I was little I had blonde/white hair which everyone loved and thought it looked amazing, especially when I grew it down to my bum. I had this style of hair until I turned 11 at which point my hair had faded to a dark blonde and I opted to cut it into a 'bob' which didn't please a lot of people but it was what I wanted.

Throughout school I had curtains from growing my fringe out and I didn't do much just kept it at just above or below my shoulders length which was fine. Until I discovered at the age of 14 hair dye, I started with nice shades like dark brown or a hint of red which was fine, but leaving school at 16 meant I had a lot more freedom to dye my hair more daring colours.

So I opted for bright red and then after getting bored I went for black, if I could go back in time at this point I would sit myself down and have a very long talk with myself! I started to add highlights and damage my hair more and more which had an awful effect. When I needed to get a job I found people judging my style and I needed to get the dye out my hair, but being 17 with no income meant I had to grow the dye out my hair and wait which was awful.

Once I had my hair back to normal I decided to try again with the whole thing but went to the hairdressers this time which was a great option as they added a lovely blonde to my hair and I loved it! But the blonde didn't last as it was to hard to keep up and my hair never looked as good as when I first dye it so I got annoyed and went back to a redish brown.

My hair at this point was extremely damaged it was dry and I had developed an extremely sensitive scalp resulting in me only being able to use certain products. My hair now is in nice condition and back to it's normal colour which I'm so pleased about.

In order to get the perfect hair I use a few simple products like Simple Shampoo to not create an irritated scalp, once a week I do an intense hair mask to create thicker and more nourished hair, everyday I use a heat protection to stop my hair being damaged by my hairdryer and lastly I hardly ever straighten my hair so it doesn't get burnt and damage.

Do you have any top tips for the perfect lock of hair?

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Zoella Fizz Bar Review

When I heard one of my favorite Youtuber's was releasing a new line of beauty items I was intrigued to see what was in the product line up and was happy to see a mixture of products to keep everyone happy. I was really excited to see a bath product and wanted to try it out but it turned out there was a lot of other people who also wanted to try it out and no matter what store I went into it was sold out, but luckily on a recent browse of my local Superdrug I got my hands on Fizz Bar.

The best thing about the product I found was the light subtle floral scent which lingered in the air after using and soaked into my skin after getting out of the bath making me feel all warm and happy inside. The product is easy to use as you have 8 large chunks which break away easily, I found I needed two chunks for one bath meaning I get 4 uses out of the product which is great for the price you pay.

The package design is nice and simple with the pink polka dot theme which is on most of the products making it stand out from other brands and has a nice clean fresh twist about it, instead of being to in your face like most other brands. It's also very similar to her blog design matching it to Zoella making it seem more like her design and really making the product personal which I like.

To pick up the Fizz Bar for £5 a bargain! It's from selected Superdrug stores the one's I've visited and know stock them are Edinburgh Princes Street, Banbury and Oxford! Have you tried out any of the Zoella Beauty products what were you thoughts?
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Zoella Let's Glow Review

I'm a massive candle lover and will always pick one up if it catches my eye or has a nice scent, so I was very pleased to see a candle in the Zoella Beauty product range and couldn't wait to get my mitts on one!

The scent it still the same floral scent as the other products but I found it was stronger and has a very moreish scent to it making me want to sniff it every 5 minutes, which can't be good for me surely! But once lit the scent filled my room with a lovely heavenly hint of the same strong floral scent which made me kind of miss summer, it's defiantly not a winter candle but it won't stop me burning a few hundred of them.

The design is simple and delicate in a nice small tin with the same polka dot and signed design matching it to the rest of the range, it's small and petite reminded me of Zoe in a way. The product is only £5 which is a great price to pay for such a lovely item.

Have you tried out the candle what were your thoughts on the product?

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Over the last few weeks over on Twitter you may have noticed I had been tweeting a lot about the London Blogger Meet Up, which was held in Central London at a lovely restaurant called B-Soho which is just off Oxford Street. The restaurant was really warm and welcoming and inside they served cocktails and pizza, it was pretty much my idea of heaven!

The meet up was held by Lola over at Lola's Little Wonders she had put in a lot of hard work and it did show on the day, it was a lovely meet up with some great giveaways, lovely cupcakes and impressive sweets supplied by Laura Jane from Choux Pastry Hearts.

It was lovely to sit and chat to other bloggers and it was a great day with lots of laughs and I'm sure we all left really happy and content! We did leave with goodies bag's as well with some Elf, Nanshy and Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter products which was lovely.

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Edinburgh Haul

Of course I did a spot of shopping when visiting Edinburgh last week, it wasn't a massive shop but it was enough to put a strain on my suitcase. I visited Lush, Primark, HMV and Superdrug and got a few small item's which I'm sure you will love.

I picked up two of my favorite bath bombs Phoenix £3.35 bath bomb which is a lovely purple and gold bath bomb, I picked up quite a large one but they are sometimes smaller. I also picked up Sunnyside which I adore it's a really glittery bubble bar which get's everywhere it's only £3.75 but I love using it!

My music taste is normally rock but I was after a nice happy upbeat cd so I went for The Vamps as I love a few of there songs they have released I thought I would check out the rest of the songs, the cd was only £4.99 which is a great buy.

I've been after the Tanya Burr Picnic In The Park for ages and when she said she was bringing out new products I decided to have a proper look for it as I didn't want it to leave the shelves and I would never be able to buy it, so I was happy to find it in the Princes Street Superdrug for £6.99.

I've saved the best till last =] , I was after a new winter coat and found a lovely blue one which reminded me of Paddington Bear so I picked it up for £18! a complete bargain. To go with the coat I picked up some new knitwear I went for a scarf for £4, a hat for £2.50 and some gloves for £2 all in a navy colour. As you should all be aware now I'm addicted to Harry Potter and picked up some stretchy socks for £2.50 which will go nicely with the grey t-shirt that I got for £6 I love the colours they have used in the t-shirt. For Halloween I found a great bargain of a t-shirt for £6 which is a skeleton design which glows in the dark! Lastly I got some lovely Mickey Mouse underwear for £4.50 and a new make up case in a Bambi design for £3!

I hope you liked the haul and if you have posted a recent one let me know!

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