Radox Mango Mayhem Review

I'm officially in love with the Radox shower range, I recently tried the Berry Burst and loved it and then I decided to pick up the Mango Mayhem shower gel and have not been let down. You can find Radox in most bath stores I pick them up from Savers for around £1 but there also in Boots and Superdrug.

My favorite thing about the product is the scent as it's a very overpowering and strong scent of Mango with hints of citrus which I loved, however it does fade once on the skin and I've dried off so there's no need to worry about smelling of mango all day. The product is a gel rather then a soap or cream and I find that it's much easier to use and doesn't effect my sensitive skin as much as other products. Although it does fade in scent once I'm nice and dry I do find I get little hints of scent throughout the day which I love.

Radox have a massive bath range and have so many different scents to choice from, they also do gels, creams and lotions if you fancy a change which is always nice. I've only tried out the Berry Blast and Mango Mayhem so far but as you can tell by the photo I've nearly run out so I shall have to take a mooch soon and pick up another scent!

What's your choice of shower gel in the morning?

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