PJ's Film Club Review and Worst Zombie Film Ever!

One of my favorite and one of the most creative Youtuber's KickThePj released a Film Club box which I thought would be a great idea to join in, there was two option's a one month subscription and a 3 month one but as I've never created a film before I thought I had better start small so I went for the one month box. The first box was Zombie themed which I knew I would struggle with as i'm not a fan of zombie's but I gave it my best shot!

Included in the box were a few goodies including a note from PJ explaining what to do as well as a more detailed description from the company as to what to do which came in handy, some yummy popcorn from the brand Joe & Seph's which was amazing it was toffee,apple and cinnamon flavor and tasted so good! 

It came with some cardboard cutout pieces as well as a handy background to shoot your film, also included was a really cute iron on badge which I thought was adorable I shall hopefully be ironing it onto one of my shoppers!

Creating the film I found quite hard as I have no experience in shooting and editing films it came out quite basic and very funny! I'm glad I opted for the one month box as you will see soon I'm not the best at film making and although it's a lovely idea of PJ's I shall just opt for a poster next time!

So I'm sure you are all looking forward to seeing the worlds worst zombie film so I won't delay any longer and here goes, enjoy!

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