No7 Extreme Length Review

Over the last few weeks my eyes have been feeling sensitive and sore so using my normal mascara has been a bit of a bother, but my mum was at the No7 counter and they had there 3for2 offer on so offered to pick me up there Extreme Length Sensitive mascara an offer which I didn't refuse!

The packaging is quite glamorous as it's a silver tube with simply black writing, it's come in a 7ml tube so the standard mascara size. The wand is nice and sturdy with hard bristles it is quite small as well so I didn't get mascara all over the place with I liked. The colour I went for was brown/black as I have small eyes and with a black mascara I tend to look like I am squinting, it came out a really nice brown though and matched my eyes nicely which I liked.

So how did it go with my sore and sensitive eyes? It worked really well!

I didn't need to rub my eyes and they didn't water to much with the product and I also found that at the end of the day it had stayed put and not smudged down my face which I loved. As it was a lash build mascara as well I found it gave me great length to my lashes and made them stand out more which I also loved. To buy the product you can find it at most Boots stores for £12.50 or you can wait for them to have a 3for2 offer and bribe your mum!

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