Nails Inc Matte

I always love a good nail varnish and adore a varnish that has a nice effect to it so I was really happy to see in the recent Glossybox that the Nails Inc Matte was included and couldn't wait to give it a whirl. Matte polish has been a bit of a hype recently but I've always thought it would be great to have a varnish that could turn my already brought varnish to a nice matte shade, when I heard about the Nails Inc one I was really pleased however the £12 price tag put me off buying it, so thank you Glossybox!

The varnish is a nice clear shade that you just apply over a coat of nail varnish to get a nice matte look, it's as simply as that! I found I applied it and at first it didn't seem to work but after a few moments it turned my nails a lovely matte shade. The drying time for this polish really impressed me as it was dry within around 2 minutes of applying and I could get along with my day to day chores really quickly without it smudging.

I wanted to really test out the product so I applied it to a range of nail varnish including a Gelly Hi Shine one and a few other's which are particularly shiny like some glittery ones and you can see below the effect and how well the product works!


After it didn't photo to well!

So what are your thoughts on the Nails Inc matte varnish and have you found a more affordable dupe?

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  2. I love the Barry M matte top coat, it's £4 I think and honestly works really well :) Topshop also do matte nail varnishes, not sure if there's a top coat but they have some gorgeous colours :)

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  3. Lovely autumnal colours, just like the foliage at the moment, all shades of red, yellow and brown green

  4. I love using a matte nail polish to create a nice effect on my nails. I normally use the Models Own one, but this one looks good too x