Kryolan - Glossybox Highlighter Review

This was one of the items in the recent August Glossybox and I got a chance to give it a whirl last week and was really impressed with the product! It's from the brand Kryolan which I had never heard of before but I was extremely impressed with the product.

The shade name is Cashmere and it's a really light beige colour, the packaging is my favorite thing about the product as it comes in a little plastic square with a twist off lid and it just looks really classic and cute. The texture of the product is extremely creamy making it really easy to use, it doesn't seem to have a scent which surprised me as most of my other highlighters seem to have a scent to them.

It blended really well onto my face and I felt confident using the product, it seemed to last for the whole evening which impressed me and I did have a compliment or two on a night out. The price for the product is £12.95 which I would defiantly pay as the highlighter is the best I've used so far!

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