Bio-oil Review

I have had major skin and body issue since I was a teen and one of the products that have helped me out the most has been Bio-oil. It's a PurCellin Oil that helps the appearance of stretch marks, scarring, uneven skin tone and dehydrated skin, it's also a great product for pregnant people but I only use it for scarring and stretch marks.

One of my main issues has been the spot scarring on my face, I was one of those teens that were told time and time again to not pick spots and to this day I still do. I know it's my fault but it's a habit I've never been able to break so I reached for Bio-oil around two years ago and used it for around 2 months before noticing a major difference in my skin. Unfortunately I don't have before and after photo's which is a massive shame!

I also used the oil on my stretch marks on my legs and tummy and have been using it for around 5 months now to targets those areas as I'm losing weight my body seems to be popping up in more stretch marks which is annoying! But with the help from Bio-oil I have seen a massive difference in the appearance of the stretch marks and have been really impressed.

It at first seems to fade the area before the mark seems to start getting smaller and then it seems to go completely, when I first started applying the oil at first I didn't seem to think it was working but it is a long term treatment and you really need to stick it out for a few months before noticing a difference.

You can find the product in most store from Savers to Boots it's available in the cheaper alternatives that I used and the more expensive ones which I'm yet to try out.

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  1. Oww. I saw this oil recently on commercials and wanted to try, but jus wasn't ready, because of price and 'maybe it isn't working', but know I will buy this :) I have a stretch marks from somewhere when I was teen too