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I'm a massive fan of changing up my nails in the winter months and always switch things up and go with completely different shades to what I wear in the Summer and Spring. I thought I would share with you the top 5 nail varnishes I shall be using for the next few months.

Nails Inc - Kate Spade Noir
This is my favorite black nail varnish as it comes out in such a nice dark deep colour and doesn't chip that easy so it's my go to varnish that I can partner with all my outfits. Nails Inc is available at Boots for £11.

Essie - Bahama Mama
My favorite thing about this product is the name it's so catchy and I always find myself repeating it throughout the day! It's a lovely deep burgundy colour which I tend to wear as an everyday varnish, I find it last's for ages and I only need one coat with this product to get a nice shade, it's available from Boot's for £7.99.

Barry M - Mango Gelly Hi Shine
This shade is quite a bright shade for AW but I love wearing it on nights out as it has the Gelly Hi Shine added it goes well when I need an outfit brighten up. The product has a good wear off around 3 days and looks great after just one coat but to get the nice shine effect I would always suggest two coats. It's available from Boots and Superdrug for £3.99.

Technic - Ruby Slippers 
This is my go to product for around Christmas time, it's a gorgeous glittery red which looks amazing with a Christmas jumper as it's fun and colourful I love wearing it. It's really easy to remove unlike most glitters and it lasts a good few days, you can buy it online from around £1.99

OPI - Super Bass Shatter
I love this polish in winter as it's a really deep dark purple but with it's shatter effect it puts a great effect onto the nails to spruce it up either for daytime wear or evening wear. I find it doesn't last as long as I think it should but it's such a good effect I can't really complain. It's available from Debenhams for £11.50.

I hope you liked this post let me know what varnishes you will be reaching for this AW!

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  1. I absolutely have to pick up Bahama Mama, I love this kind of shade for Autumn! The Barry M Mango one looks perfect for Halloween! x