Radox Mango Mayhem Review

I'm officially in love with the Radox shower range, I recently tried the Berry Burst and loved it and then I decided to pick up the Mango Mayhem shower gel and have not been let down. You can find Radox in most bath stores I pick them up from Savers for around £1 but there also in Boots and Superdrug.

My favorite thing about the product is the scent as it's a very overpowering and strong scent of Mango with hints of citrus which I loved, however it does fade once on the skin and I've dried off so there's no need to worry about smelling of mango all day. The product is a gel rather then a soap or cream and I find that it's much easier to use and doesn't effect my sensitive skin as much as other products. Although it does fade in scent once I'm nice and dry I do find I get little hints of scent throughout the day which I love.

Radox have a massive bath range and have so many different scents to choice from, they also do gels, creams and lotions if you fancy a change which is always nice. I've only tried out the Berry Blast and Mango Mayhem so far but as you can tell by the photo I've nearly run out so I shall have to take a mooch soon and pick up another scent!

What's your choice of shower gel in the morning?

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Nails Inc Matte

I always love a good nail varnish and adore a varnish that has a nice effect to it so I was really happy to see in the recent Glossybox that the Nails Inc Matte was included and couldn't wait to give it a whirl. Matte polish has been a bit of a hype recently but I've always thought it would be great to have a varnish that could turn my already brought varnish to a nice matte shade, when I heard about the Nails Inc one I was really pleased however the £12 price tag put me off buying it, so thank you Glossybox!

The varnish is a nice clear shade that you just apply over a coat of nail varnish to get a nice matte look, it's as simply as that! I found I applied it and at first it didn't seem to work but after a few moments it turned my nails a lovely matte shade. The drying time for this polish really impressed me as it was dry within around 2 minutes of applying and I could get along with my day to day chores really quickly without it smudging.

I wanted to really test out the product so I applied it to a range of nail varnish including a Gelly Hi Shine one and a few other's which are particularly shiny like some glittery ones and you can see below the effect and how well the product works!


After it didn't photo to well!

So what are your thoughts on the Nails Inc matte varnish and have you found a more affordable dupe?

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AW14 Lips

I let you know the other day all about what nails I shall be wearing this AW so I thought I would let you know about the lip products I shall be reaching for over the next few months!

MAC Rebel
This product I wore last year pretty much everyday and I adore it, I wouldn't say it is easy to wear in summer so it tends to say away till my woolly hats come out then it's permanently out and about. It's a lovely rich deep purple shade that last's for ages on the lips, you can buy it in Debenhams, House Of Fraser and other departments store's for £15.50.

Jelly Pong Pong Cranberry
This red shade in my go to product when I'm out drinking it's a lovely matte red which last's a good while on the lips but also moisturisers them really well which I love, it's only available in two shades online from the Jelly Pong Pong website for £12.

Tanya Burr Exotic Island
This AW for lip gloss I'm going to be wearing my Tanya Burr Exotic Island as it's a great berry shade with I think would look good for meals out and events, it has a lovely scent and doesn't have a sticky residue on the lips which I love, it's available from Superdrug for £6.99.

Vaseline Paint The Town Red
For when my lips need a pamper and a bit of a rest I'm going to be using my Vaseline Paint The Town Red lip butter as it's the perfect pick me up product with a hint of red to create a nice subtle winter look, it was a limited edition but I'm sure it's back in stores like Boots and Superdrug for around £2.99.

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AW14 Nails

I'm a massive fan of changing up my nails in the winter months and always switch things up and go with completely different shades to what I wear in the Summer and Spring. I thought I would share with you the top 5 nail varnishes I shall be using for the next few months.

Nails Inc - Kate Spade Noir
This is my favorite black nail varnish as it comes out in such a nice dark deep colour and doesn't chip that easy so it's my go to varnish that I can partner with all my outfits. Nails Inc is available at Boots for £11.

Essie - Bahama Mama
My favorite thing about this product is the name it's so catchy and I always find myself repeating it throughout the day! It's a lovely deep burgundy colour which I tend to wear as an everyday varnish, I find it last's for ages and I only need one coat with this product to get a nice shade, it's available from Boot's for £7.99.

Barry M - Mango Gelly Hi Shine
This shade is quite a bright shade for AW but I love wearing it on nights out as it has the Gelly Hi Shine added it goes well when I need an outfit brighten up. The product has a good wear off around 3 days and looks great after just one coat but to get the nice shine effect I would always suggest two coats. It's available from Boots and Superdrug for £3.99.

Technic - Ruby Slippers 
This is my go to product for around Christmas time, it's a gorgeous glittery red which looks amazing with a Christmas jumper as it's fun and colourful I love wearing it. It's really easy to remove unlike most glitters and it lasts a good few days, you can buy it online from around £1.99

OPI - Super Bass Shatter
I love this polish in winter as it's a really deep dark purple but with it's shatter effect it puts a great effect onto the nails to spruce it up either for daytime wear or evening wear. I find it doesn't last as long as I think it should but it's such a good effect I can't really complain. It's available from Debenhams for £11.50.

I hope you liked this post let me know what varnishes you will be reaching for this AW!

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Blogger Box Swap

A few months ago over on Tales of a Pale Face blog she asked if anyone would be interested in doing an box swap and I jumped at the opportunity, I was partnered with Scarlett from Simply Scarlett and was really pleased with all the items I got!

Ecotools Mini Brush Set 
MUA Lipstick in shade 11
Maybelline The Pocket Volum Mascara
Maybelline The Falsies Volum Mascara
MUA Undressed Palette 
Barry M Brow Kit
Montagne Jennesse Face Masks x3
Collection Does It All Mascara 
Jondana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara
Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr 
Barry M Eyebrow Pencil Sharpener 
Real Techniques Sponge

I love all the item's I've received and can't wait to try them all out, there is some item's I've been dying to try out like the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye shadow and the Brow Kit which I've had trouble with making my mind up on which one to get so it's made it quite easy for me. I also love the MUA Undressed palette I've heard loads about it and seen some great looks created with this eye shadow set, I of course can't wait to try the masks out as I love a good face masks and I'm no longer short on mascaras which is great!

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Bio-oil Review

I have had major skin and body issue since I was a teen and one of the products that have helped me out the most has been Bio-oil. It's a PurCellin Oil that helps the appearance of stretch marks, scarring, uneven skin tone and dehydrated skin, it's also a great product for pregnant people but I only use it for scarring and stretch marks.

One of my main issues has been the spot scarring on my face, I was one of those teens that were told time and time again to not pick spots and to this day I still do. I know it's my fault but it's a habit I've never been able to break so I reached for Bio-oil around two years ago and used it for around 2 months before noticing a major difference in my skin. Unfortunately I don't have before and after photo's which is a massive shame!

I also used the oil on my stretch marks on my legs and tummy and have been using it for around 5 months now to targets those areas as I'm losing weight my body seems to be popping up in more stretch marks which is annoying! But with the help from Bio-oil I have seen a massive difference in the appearance of the stretch marks and have been really impressed.

It at first seems to fade the area before the mark seems to start getting smaller and then it seems to go completely, when I first started applying the oil at first I didn't seem to think it was working but it is a long term treatment and you really need to stick it out for a few months before noticing a difference.

You can find the product in most store from Savers to Boots it's available in the cheaper alternatives that I used and the more expensive ones which I'm yet to try out.

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Kryolan - Glossybox Highlighter Review

This was one of the items in the recent August Glossybox and I got a chance to give it a whirl last week and was really impressed with the product! It's from the brand Kryolan which I had never heard of before but I was extremely impressed with the product.

The shade name is Cashmere and it's a really light beige colour, the packaging is my favorite thing about the product as it comes in a little plastic square with a twist off lid and it just looks really classic and cute. The texture of the product is extremely creamy making it really easy to use, it doesn't seem to have a scent which surprised me as most of my other highlighters seem to have a scent to them.

It blended really well onto my face and I felt confident using the product, it seemed to last for the whole evening which impressed me and I did have a compliment or two on a night out. The price for the product is £12.95 which I would defiantly pay as the highlighter is the best I've used so far!

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Bourjois Shine Edition Mauve Review

I've had this lipstick for quite a while now but have never got around to review it, it's from the range Bourjois which is available at Boots the product cost £7.99 when I brought it around 4 months ago.

The packaging is really nice as it's a silver a mint design which is really fun and girly, it has the lipstick colour showing at the end of the tube so you can clearly see what shade it is which I find really handy. I got the shade Mauve which is a really nice deep pink with added sparkly bits to get the shine, it comes out a really nice deep rich pink on my lips and I find I can style this lipstick out nicely in the daytime aswell as going out so it's a great all round lipstick.

I find I only need to apply the lipstick once and I'm good to go as it has a great long lasting wear which I am really impressed with. It also keeps my lips in nice healthy condition and doesn't dry them up which is a great aspect about the product.

Over all I love this lipstick and with only 8 shades in the collection it's a great product to buy, What's your favorite lipstick your been reaching for this last week?

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Skinpep Hydro Sun Defence Review

I went sent this little tube in the recent August Glossybox and thought as summer was almost over I had better try it out quickly to get a good review. Skinpep is a brand I haven't heard of before so I was eager to give it ago and see how well it works.

The scent of the product is quite neutral and the colour comes out white, but once applied to the skin it goes clear as it is suppose to match your skin tone and have no white cast. I applied a small amount of the product to my face and rubbed it in and found it had a nice little glow to it and made my skin look a little brighter and healthier without having any foundation on. I did mix it in with my foundation to create a bb cream and found it worked well and nicely mixed to create a nice easy to use bb cream.

My face doesn't burn too easier and as the weather was quite poor it was hard to test out the product, but my face felt protected and had a nice summer glow to it which I liked. The SPF for the product is 30 which is perfect for a face cream and it doesn't contain and Paraben, Alcohol, Perfume as well as being Hypo-Allergenic which I loved.

My sample lasted me around 8 uses as I was mixing it in the create a bb cream as well but the full sized tube is £7.99 for the tester tube or £34.99 for a 70ml tube which is available online.

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No7 Extreme Length Review

Over the last few weeks my eyes have been feeling sensitive and sore so using my normal mascara has been a bit of a bother, but my mum was at the No7 counter and they had there 3for2 offer on so offered to pick me up there Extreme Length Sensitive mascara an offer which I didn't refuse!

The packaging is quite glamorous as it's a silver tube with simply black writing, it's come in a 7ml tube so the standard mascara size. The wand is nice and sturdy with hard bristles it is quite small as well so I didn't get mascara all over the place with I liked. The colour I went for was brown/black as I have small eyes and with a black mascara I tend to look like I am squinting, it came out a really nice brown though and matched my eyes nicely which I liked.

So how did it go with my sore and sensitive eyes? It worked really well!

I didn't need to rub my eyes and they didn't water to much with the product and I also found that at the end of the day it had stayed put and not smudged down my face which I loved. As it was a lash build mascara as well I found it gave me great length to my lashes and made them stand out more which I also loved. To buy the product you can find it at most Boots stores for £12.50 or you can wait for them to have a 3for2 offer and bribe your mum!

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Hannah Maggs - The Little Moments Review

I was after a new make up bag to to use when traveling and when one of my favorite Youtubers released a line of handmade bags I couldn't wait to order one. I went for the bag called 'The Little Moments' which is a gorgeous floral design with blues and golds on a quilted fabric.

The collection of four bags each has there own meaning 'The Little Moments' meaning stuck out to me as it was just so thoughtful and spot on 'This bag is a devoted to all those tiny fleeting moments in out lives, that so easily float us by and go un-noticed' .

Each bag is handmade in London and from a selection of Liberty fabric's, the quality of the bag is great it feels sturdy and has a real delicate look about it. As well as being well stitched and put together is has a hidden zip which I love.

My only concern was putting my used brushes inside and getting the bag dirty but it has been lined with white waterproof fabric which is perfect for cleaning up any dirty brush marks or in case a bottle leaks I can just wipe it up.

The packaging was just adorable and the scent on the bag was lovely, Hannah Maggs has put in so much effort and looking at the bag I can 100% see why as 'The Little Moments' bag is perfect.

Prices range from £19.95 to £24.99 which for a handmade bag in such a great quality is the right price, to purchase a bag and to see the rest of the collection click here .

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PJ's Film Club Review and Worst Zombie Film Ever!

One of my favorite and one of the most creative Youtuber's KickThePj released a Film Club box which I thought would be a great idea to join in, there was two option's a one month subscription and a 3 month one but as I've never created a film before I thought I had better start small so I went for the one month box. The first box was Zombie themed which I knew I would struggle with as i'm not a fan of zombie's but I gave it my best shot!

Included in the box were a few goodies including a note from PJ explaining what to do as well as a more detailed description from the company as to what to do which came in handy, some yummy popcorn from the brand Joe & Seph's which was amazing it was toffee,apple and cinnamon flavor and tasted so good! 

It came with some cardboard cutout pieces as well as a handy background to shoot your film, also included was a really cute iron on badge which I thought was adorable I shall hopefully be ironing it onto one of my shoppers!

Creating the film I found quite hard as I have no experience in shooting and editing films it came out quite basic and very funny! I'm glad I opted for the one month box as you will see soon I'm not the best at film making and although it's a lovely idea of PJ's I shall just opt for a poster next time!

So I'm sure you are all looking forward to seeing the worlds worst zombie film so I won't delay any longer and here goes, enjoy!

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