Where To Find Me

I thought I would do an extra post this week to let you know where you can find and follow me, as I interact over many different websites and thought I would let you know which ones I use!

This is very new to me and I'm still really nervous about Youtube but I am having fun so I shall be using it more, I upload a new video every Saturday and Wednesday and it's a great way to chat to me. Here is the link - Youtube

Tumblr and Pinterest 
I love to add photos and repin other people's pictures, when I get a spare moment or two you will find me on either Tumblr or Pinterest. This is a great way to see my interests and to see what I'm loving that month! For the link's click here for Tumblr and here for Pinterest

Now of course it would be naughty of me to ask you to check out all my social media without me taking a look at your Tumblr or Facebook page so please leave below all your links and I will be sure to check them all out!
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