Summer Hit List - What's On My Face

I've decided to do a set of post's all about what I've been loving this summer beauty wise, it will be around 4-5 post's long and will include all the product's I've been using over the last month in summer! Starting with Make Up.

For the base of my face I've been using concealer to cover any blemishes and any dark areas I've also been mixing it with my morning moisturizer to create a tinted moisturizer instead of using a thick and heavy foundation. Over the top of my concealer I've been dusting my face with powder so it doesn't look shiny or sweaty. To create a lighter look on my cheeks I've been using my cream blusher with a hint of highlighter, this is to soften my face and create a nice summer glow. I've finished the look with my brown mascara to create a light and bright eye look instead of a dark and smudgy messy look I tend to always get in summer!

All the product's I've used are here:
Revlon Concealer
Revlon Colour Stay Powder
Natural Collection Mascara
Me Me Me Highlighter
Topshop Cream Blush

What have you been using on your face in the summer sun? Let me know below!

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