How I Prep For A Wedding

I attended my sister's wedding last week and did quite a bit of prepping so I thought I would do a blog post with all the beauty bit's I did in order to be wedding ready! The wedding was in August so it was a nice summer wedding, I started my prep around 2 weeks before the wedding and here's what I did!

My face decided it would be the perfect time for a pretty big breakout so I started to double cleanse with my Bioderma every evening to try and clear some spots and to brighten my face. I used my Benefit Boo Boo Zap daily to clear the spots as I love how quickly it works it's always my go to product. Two times a week I did a face mask using Superdrug's Witch Hazel mask, I have found this has worked really well with my skin and has suited my skin type (oily) well.

For my body I wanted a nice even tan and opted to used Dove's Gradual Tanner. Every other day I would use the moisturiser after my shower and by the wedding day I had a lovely even tan which went well with my dress and fitted in with the summer heat. I also wanted a nice flat tummy on the day so I stop drinking fizzy drinks and switched to more healthy snack options which help de-bloat my stomach and get me into my dress.

My nails had been in quite a good state so I didn't need to much prep but I made sure I was using my base coat to stop my nails from staining and I was attempting to keep the at a nice length. Lastly I wanted my feet to be in a nice condition so I was using my buffer every other day and I also did my hand and feet masks by using cotton stocks and soaking my feet in mosituriser over night to get nice summer ready toe's!

So that has been all the prep I had been doing over the last few weeks in order to be beauty ready for my sister's wedding, If you have a similar post please leave it below in the comments!

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