Dove Summer Glow Review

I've had no time at all this summer to get a nice summer tan so I opted to cheat and go for a fake tan. I'm not a fan of tanning shops with the UV tanners or being sprayed with a tan so I wanted a nice at home one, after searching online I decided to go for a gradual tan and went for the one from the range Dove.

I went for Fair to Medium skin as I thought this would suit my skin tone more, the bottle I got was the 250ml bottle for £2.49 from Boots. It's a nice handy bottle with a great grove in the side which makes it easy to grip and apply, the cap is easy to open and feels pretty secure when closed. The scent is quite neutral is doesn't have a strong tanning scent and smells kind of like linen which I really like.

Applying the product couldn't be any easier you just moisturize the product onto your body and wait for it to set before applying clothes. It took around 30 minutes for it to dry on my body before I could apply loose fitting clothes and I found after around 3 uses my skin looked darker and had a nice healthy glow which I loved.

The only downside is that is left me with orange knees even after I had exfoliated and moisturized the morning before using the product. After exfoliating over the tan marks it didn't seem to fade to quickly which annoyed me as I then had to walk around with orange knees!

Nice scent
Easy to use
Great buildable coverage
Nice summer glow

Long time to dry
Orange knees

This is a great gradual tanner and I would highly recommend it, for the price you pay and the result's you get it's an all round winner. What's your favorite tanner?

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  1. I love Dove, but have never used their tanning products. I love the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour tan for an instant natural glow. For a gradual product, my fave is Palmer's, Both smell good too :) x