Dove Silky Nourishment Body Lotion

A while ago I had a bit of a breakout on my legs of dry skin and needed a cream to help me out but all I seemed to have was scented product's which are not ideal for sore and irritated legs. So I went over to Boot's and picked up a Dove cream for £4.99, since going back into Boot's it seems to have been removed from there display so I'm not sure where to get the product from now other then online!

The tub is quite large at 300ml and quite heavy with the packaging being simple in true Dove style, it has a twist off lid which I don't normally go for as I find them tricky to put back on after a few uses as it get's a bit slippy but after hearing a nice review of it I decided to go for it. The product is quite thick but goes onto my skin quite well, it does however take a while to soak in so I wouldn't apply if I was in a rush anywhere as it takes around a good 20 minutes to soak in enough to put clothes on.

After around a week usage my skin was loads better and the cream had helped loads making me legs bearable again, over all it's a nice product and does work well so I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again although with 300 ml I doubt I will be buying a new tube anytime soon!

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  1. Nice review, well written, must try :)

  2. I love Dove moisturisers 'cos they last so long! The Shea butter and vanilla is my favourite - and it's often half price in Superdrug :) x