Blowpro Blow Up Daily Volumizing Conditioner Review

I got this little tube of goodness in a recent Glossybox and have loved using it, my hair has been loads better recently and I've been able to branch out a bit and try new hair products so I was eager to test out the Blowpro as my current shampoo has nearly run out and I'm on the hunt for a new one.

The scent is very natural and quite fresh which I like as my hair is always over powerful after applying my heat protection spray and then my setting spray I tend to opt for a non scented shampoo set and this one is perfect for that. The texture is thick like most conditioner's and it goes nicely through my thick hair which impressed me.

The product seemed to thicken my hair from the ends up and left my roots flat which is the look I wanted to achieve, it also made my hair stayed thick throughout the day and didn't go flat after a few hours which I loved. I've tried the Blowpro out using a natural look with no added products and leaving my hair to dry naturally and it worked just as well as when I blow dry my hair and add extra products which really impressed me.

The price for the set is £6.99 each and it's available from Superdrug or online at there store. This is quite a nice average price to pay so I'm defiantly going to pick some up once my current set runs out!

What is your favorite shampoo range? If you have any review leave them below!

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