Where To Find Me

I thought I would do an extra post this week to let you know where you can find and follow me, as I interact over many different websites and thought I would let you know which ones I use!

This is very new to me and I'm still really nervous about Youtube but I am having fun so I shall be using it more, I upload a new video every Saturday and Wednesday and it's a great way to chat to me. Here is the link - Youtube

Tumblr and Pinterest 
I love to add photos and repin other people's pictures, when I get a spare moment or two you will find me on either Tumblr or Pinterest. This is a great way to see my interests and to see what I'm loving that month! For the link's click here for Tumblr and here for Pinterest

Now of course it would be naughty of me to ask you to check out all my social media without me taking a look at your Tumblr or Facebook page so please leave below all your links and I will be sure to check them all out!
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How I Prep For A Wedding

I attended my sister's wedding last week and did quite a bit of prepping so I thought I would do a blog post with all the beauty bit's I did in order to be wedding ready! The wedding was in August so it was a nice summer wedding, I started my prep around 2 weeks before the wedding and here's what I did!

My face decided it would be the perfect time for a pretty big breakout so I started to double cleanse with my Bioderma every evening to try and clear some spots and to brighten my face. I used my Benefit Boo Boo Zap daily to clear the spots as I love how quickly it works it's always my go to product. Two times a week I did a face mask using Superdrug's Witch Hazel mask, I have found this has worked really well with my skin and has suited my skin type (oily) well.

For my body I wanted a nice even tan and opted to used Dove's Gradual Tanner. Every other day I would use the moisturiser after my shower and by the wedding day I had a lovely even tan which went well with my dress and fitted in with the summer heat. I also wanted a nice flat tummy on the day so I stop drinking fizzy drinks and switched to more healthy snack options which help de-bloat my stomach and get me into my dress.

My nails had been in quite a good state so I didn't need to much prep but I made sure I was using my base coat to stop my nails from staining and I was attempting to keep the at a nice length. Lastly I wanted my feet to be in a nice condition so I was using my buffer every other day and I also did my hand and feet masks by using cotton stocks and soaking my feet in mosituriser over night to get nice summer ready toe's!

So that has been all the prep I had been doing over the last few weeks in order to be beauty ready for my sister's wedding, If you have a similar post please leave it below in the comments!

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What I Wore On My Face For A Wedding

I attended my sister's wedding last weekend and we had the pleasure of doing our own make up which I always love as I know my face better then a make up artist, I was really excited to get started and was quite happy with the results!

I started with my daily moisturiser my Soap and Glory one a nice safe option as I know it suits my make up nicely and doesn't give me breakout's so I went for that option. Next up I added my MAC Foundation and covered any blemishes with there creamy concealer, I always use MAC for special occasions as it covers my skin nicely giving me an even skin tone and also covers any dark areas or spots. I took away any shine my using MAC Powder which I always use if I know there's going to be loads of photo's as it gives me such a nice look.

For my eyes I used the MAC RiRi quad as I wanted to create a really nice natural look which I know looks good on photos. I used my Rimmel Scandaleyes to create long thick lashes and that's all I use for my eyes as I wanted a nice subtle yet noticeable eye and felt that the mascara really gave that look. For my eyebrow  I wanted a nice natural brow so went for my Soap and Glory Arch De Triumph as it's my daily brow pencil I felt confident using it to create a nice brow look.

For blusher I wanted a really light effect not to shocking but a light shimmer so I opted for MAC's Desert Rose as it's such a nice subtle shade and blends nicely with the rest of my make up, Last but not least I used Jelly Pong Pong's Lip Blush in the shade Cranberry, this create a nice red/orange shade on my lips and create the nice pop of colour with I needed with my more subtle make up look, it also matched my dress really well with I loved.

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What I Wore To My Sister's Wedding

My sister got married last weekend and I was invited to be a bridesmaid and of course said yes, the wedding day was lovely it was really nice and sunny and everything went smoothly. I thought I would do a post of what I wore and took as I love reading these style of post's and thought you would to!

The Dress
The dress was from Debut at Debenhams and was a lovely burnt orange colour which came just below the knees and showed of quite a bit of cleavage! It had a lovely bow around the waist and had lovely detailing on with little stones and a nice bow. As it was a summer wedding it had no sleeves and was a nice light materiel. I loved the dress it was a really easy to wear dress and was such a lovely colour, it was from Debenhams and was brought a while ago so it's no longer available online and I'm not sure on the price.

The Shoes
I brought the shoes around two months ago at Zara and went for a classic simply black stiletto, there a really nice satin material and went really well with the dress. I wore them for around 4 hours and felt I needed a rest from them but they are however quite comfy for such high shoes. There in the current collection for £19.99.

The Bag
The bag I picked up from Debenhams in the same satin material as the shoes and love it! It has a really nice bow detail on the front and is quite large on the inside so I was able to fit loads in. It is from the current collection and is £10.

Have you attended a wedding recently and done a post on it? Please leave them in the comment's below so I can check them out!

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Dove Summer Glow Review

I've had no time at all this summer to get a nice summer tan so I opted to cheat and go for a fake tan. I'm not a fan of tanning shops with the UV tanners or being sprayed with a tan so I wanted a nice at home one, after searching online I decided to go for a gradual tan and went for the one from the range Dove.

I went for Fair to Medium skin as I thought this would suit my skin tone more, the bottle I got was the 250ml bottle for £2.49 from Boots. It's a nice handy bottle with a great grove in the side which makes it easy to grip and apply, the cap is easy to open and feels pretty secure when closed. The scent is quite neutral is doesn't have a strong tanning scent and smells kind of like linen which I really like.

Applying the product couldn't be any easier you just moisturize the product onto your body and wait for it to set before applying clothes. It took around 30 minutes for it to dry on my body before I could apply loose fitting clothes and I found after around 3 uses my skin looked darker and had a nice healthy glow which I loved.

The only downside is that is left me with orange knees even after I had exfoliated and moisturized the morning before using the product. After exfoliating over the tan marks it didn't seem to fade to quickly which annoyed me as I then had to walk around with orange knees!

Nice scent
Easy to use
Great buildable coverage
Nice summer glow

Long time to dry
Orange knees

This is a great gradual tanner and I would highly recommend it, for the price you pay and the result's you get it's an all round winner. What's your favorite tanner?

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Superdrug Witch Hazel Mud Mask Review

I picked this mask up while shopping a few weeks ago as I had run out of my current ones and was after a new clay mask. I went with at Superdrug own brand mask which was only £2.59 a great price for this little tube of joy.

I've used it around 5 times now and have had great result's since using it, I went with a witch hazel one as in summer I tend to suffer with breakout's so I wanted something to calm my skin and get rid of pesky spots. The scent is mild and has a slight hint of witch hazel which is nice as it's quite a soothing mask so the scent suits it nicely. It's a thick product but quite runny so it's easy to apply, I found I only needed around 4 pea sized amounts to cover my face nicely.

I left the product on for 10 minutes the first time and then after I went for 15 minutes, I found the product slowly hardened and didn't set until I needed to remove so it didn't feel to tight to quickly which I really liked. My face after felt soft and really nourish which was lovely and after around 3 uses my skin had cleared which I was over the moon about!

What is your favorite clay mask?

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Dove Silky Nourishment Body Lotion

A while ago I had a bit of a breakout on my legs of dry skin and needed a cream to help me out but all I seemed to have was scented product's which are not ideal for sore and irritated legs. So I went over to Boot's and picked up a Dove cream for £4.99, since going back into Boot's it seems to have been removed from there display so I'm not sure where to get the product from now other then online!

The tub is quite large at 300ml and quite heavy with the packaging being simple in true Dove style, it has a twist off lid which I don't normally go for as I find them tricky to put back on after a few uses as it get's a bit slippy but after hearing a nice review of it I decided to go for it. The product is quite thick but goes onto my skin quite well, it does however take a while to soak in so I wouldn't apply if I was in a rush anywhere as it takes around a good 20 minutes to soak in enough to put clothes on.

After around a week usage my skin was loads better and the cream had helped loads making me legs bearable again, over all it's a nice product and does work well so I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again although with 300 ml I doubt I will be buying a new tube anytime soon!

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Summer Hit List - Perfume

This is the last in my little series of Summer Hit List! I've hoped you have like this kind of post and have been enjoying seeing what I have been loving, don't worry I have loads more beauty reviews coming up as well as some lifestyle post's but here goes with my two go to summer scents!

The first one is Vera Wang Bejeweled a perfume that I use on special occasions or when I'm going out as it's such a lovely summer scent and last's all day on my skin. It's on the pricey side which is why I tend to use it when going out or special occasions but I prefer using it in summer then in winter.

My second go to product is One Direction's Our Moment, I don't really like there music but there perfume is spot on for the perfect summer scent! I've been using it daily over the last month and love how it smells and lasts all day. It's not to expensive so I don't mind using it daily but it's such a lovely scent and the bottle quite adorable to!

What has been your favorite scent this last month?

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Summer Hit List - Hair

This summer as featured in some of my post's you will know I've been loving hair donut's and donut accessories in the shape of cute little flowers to place around the bun. I've got most of mine from Primark as they are nice and cheap at around £2 but my favorite has been the nice yellow one from Topshop for around £6 . I've been wearing it non stop and have been pleased with how well it stay elasticated. I think there the perfect summer accessorize that most people can pull off!

I've also been refreshing my hair throughout the day with a summer fragrance dry shampoo from the range Batiste I've opted for Summer Blush but they were quite a few in the range. After a few hours in the sun and a few hours of sweating it out I like the just spritz it over my hair to freshen it up or remove grease either with my full size bottle or a mini, it's been quite a lifesaver!

What have you been loving in your hair this month?

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Summer Hit List - Nails

A bit of a mixture for nails as I've been lovely the bright summer shades but also the more muted down pastels, but here goes!

For going out on night's out Ciate's Playdate has been my go to product it's bright and summery and seem's to go well with most of my outfit's which I love. Tanya Burr's Little Duck has been perfect wear this summer it's such a nice girly shade that I think I may of over worn it! Topshop's Bounce has been a lifesaver if I've been away from home which seem's to be a lot this last month as it last's for ages on my nails and is a lovely summery orange which I've been loving. For a more toned down shade I've opted for Essie Lilacism and Topshop's Easy Peasy as they have been easy to pair with outfit's and not to in your face yet still a nice summer shade.

What have you been wearing non stop on your nails?

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Summer Hit List - Lips

This summer I've been loving bright shades and been using a lot of moisturizing products to soothe my lips and I've been especial loving orange lipsticks!

My MAC Morange and Topshop Oh La La have been getting a lot of action recently and I've been doing a lovely day look with Topshop and a impressive evening look with Morange. To create a softer yet still bright look I've been using Tanya Burr's Exotic Island which I love as it isn't as sticky as most lip glosses so doesn't go everywhere and create a mess. To soften and soothe my lips after being out in the sun all day I've been using The Body Shop Blueberry Lip Butter which I love and tend to just sit putting it on all night till my lips are well and truly moisturized, I've also been using The Body Shop's Born Lippy when out and about as it's easier to apply and have been loving the Pink Berry scent as it's a really nice summer scent and a gorgeous shade as well.

What's been your favorite summer lipstick?

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Summer Hit List - What's On My Face

I've decided to do a set of post's all about what I've been loving this summer beauty wise, it will be around 4-5 post's long and will include all the product's I've been using over the last month in summer! Starting with Make Up.

For the base of my face I've been using concealer to cover any blemishes and any dark areas I've also been mixing it with my morning moisturizer to create a tinted moisturizer instead of using a thick and heavy foundation. Over the top of my concealer I've been dusting my face with powder so it doesn't look shiny or sweaty. To create a lighter look on my cheeks I've been using my cream blusher with a hint of highlighter, this is to soften my face and create a nice summer glow. I've finished the look with my brown mascara to create a light and bright eye look instead of a dark and smudgy messy look I tend to always get in summer!

All the product's I've used are here:
Revlon Concealer
Revlon Colour Stay Powder
Natural Collection Mascara
Me Me Me Highlighter
Topshop Cream Blush

What have you been using on your face in the summer sun? Let me know below!

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Glossybox Stars and Stripes Review

Around two weeks ago I received the July edition of Glossybox which was an American themed box which included 4 full sized products all from America. I was really impressed with this months box and have had a lot of fun testing out the products the last two weeks so here are my reviews!

Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick - Mandaring
This highly pigmented lipstick is a great product for protecting your lips with added Vitamin C and Vitamin E as well as being a super rich and nice orange shade of red. I was really impressed with how well it stayed on my lips and just how highly pigmented it was, it cost's £20 which is far to much for a lipstick although it is worth the price, I would prefer a dupe though if there is any!

Absolute New York Eyeshadow Primer
I don't normally wear eyeshadow but I wanted to test out the primer so I opted to wait for a night out and give it ago. The primer is creamy and it easy to use, I dabbed a small amount onto my eyes and blended over to create an even look which was perfect for applying eyeshadow onto, it made my eyeshadow stay put and didn't make it smudge which I was impressed with, the price is 4.99 in dollars.

Carmex Lipbalm
A product I already own and love, it's only £2.69 so it's very purse friendly. I love the scent of this product and also use it as a night time balm for my lips and it works really well to soothe and calm my lips down, it works really well and I would highly recommend it.

Color Chub Glossy Seal 
This product was one I wasn't to keen on as the scent was really strong and over bearing, the shade however is a nice deep blue which I would preferably wear in the winter.I found I only needed one coat to create a nice strong blue look but the scent was just to off putting it smelt almost like vinegar. It's 8 dollars and is cruelty free which is nice but it's a shame about the scent!

Pur Minerals Mudd Masque
My favorite product from the whole box, a fun detoxifying mudd masque which is available from the UK for £18 (yay!) I loved how it made my skin feel and look it left it feeling soft and nourished while it look radiant and glowing. It had some harsh ingredients like salicylic acid and states you can use it for 5-20 minutes so I went for 10 minutes which gave me a nice result.

So what are your thoughts on the July Glossybox?

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Blowpro Blow Up Daily Volumizing Conditioner Review

I got this little tube of goodness in a recent Glossybox and have loved using it, my hair has been loads better recently and I've been able to branch out a bit and try new hair products so I was eager to test out the Blowpro as my current shampoo has nearly run out and I'm on the hunt for a new one.

The scent is very natural and quite fresh which I like as my hair is always over powerful after applying my heat protection spray and then my setting spray I tend to opt for a non scented shampoo set and this one is perfect for that. The texture is thick like most conditioner's and it goes nicely through my thick hair which impressed me.

The product seemed to thicken my hair from the ends up and left my roots flat which is the look I wanted to achieve, it also made my hair stayed thick throughout the day and didn't go flat after a few hours which I loved. I've tried the Blowpro out using a natural look with no added products and leaving my hair to dry naturally and it worked just as well as when I blow dry my hair and add extra products which really impressed me.

The price for the set is £6.99 each and it's available from Superdrug or online at there store. This is quite a nice average price to pay so I'm defiantly going to pick some up once my current set runs out!

What is your favorite shampoo range? If you have any review leave them below!

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