TRESemme Dry Shampoo Instant Refresh

I use dry shampoo daily as I have such thick hair it gets quite oily and I tend to get a greasy parting and my hair becomes quite flat. I've been using the same one for ages now so I was after a change and got rather excited to see one in last month's Glossybox from the brand TRESemme.

It's called Instant Refresh and promises to refresh and revive hair without water or to go into more detail it absorbs oil to revive hair giving a fresh and clean look between washes. To use the product you simply spray in bursts onto dry hair and roots, massage into roots to absorb oil and then brush through, a nice simply and easy to use product.

The scent is quite neutral and fresh with a hint of floral which is perfect for summer and spring, the product comes out lighter then most dry shampoos and has less white powder then a normal one making it easier to blend in and quicker to use. Over all it left my hair cleaner and added a nice bounce to my hair making my roots thicker and looking styled without using straightener's or a hair dryer.

The product cost's £5.25 from Boots or Superdrug.

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  1. I liked this too and agree that the scent is nice and fresh
    Carrieanne xx