Lush May Day Review

I've had this little beaut sat in my Lush bag for a while now it was a limited edition bath bomb that raised awareness for the anti badger cull charities and that's where all the proceeds went to which was great as it cost £2.95 not to much to break the bank but a nice amount to spend on protecting badgers.

The scent was quite nice it was quite strong with not to much of a sweet smell to it and it was quite earthy which is an odd one but I found it was quite relaxing. It was a fast fizzer which as soon as it was put into my bath started to race around making it hard to snap a photo, but the water went quite a nice cloudy shade with the black on the bath bomb not effecting the water to much.

The bath bomb kind of reminds me of Halloween for some reason maybe it's the scent or the look but I think if Lush brought this out for this Halloween it would probably sell quite well! Did you manged to pick up this limited edition bath bomb? what were your overall thoughts on it?

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