Hand Sanitiser Review

I picked up this little bottle from Primark for 99p a few months ago and have loved using it, it's the prefect hand bag sized bottle so it sit's nicely in with all my other junk! Meaning I can use it when I'm out and about when I most need it, as I wouldn't say i'm a massive fan of germs I do use it quite a lot.

The scent is my favorite thing about this product as it has a clean scent but it's also strawberry scented which is quite strong meaning I can smell it after putting it on my hands without holding them up to my face and looking odd which I love. The texture is the same as most gel's it cold and comes out like a gel but turns into a liquid pretty quick meaning you have to rub it in quite quickly.

It dries really quickly and leaves my skin really clean and fresh, the bottle last's quite a long time as I've been using it for around two months I would of thought it would be at least half way down but it's still quite full which is pretty good for 99p!

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  1. I'm currently using a Bath and Body Works hand sanitiser that I got off eBay but it's not very big so I can't see it lasting me too long so I may have to head to Primark to pick this up as it sounds great. Raspberrykiss xo