Granny Takes A Dip Review - Lush

I saw this bath bomb at the Brighton branch last month and picked it up due to it being so colorful and looking like it would impress. I picked it up for £3.25 and it should still be available from stores as I'm pretty sure it wasn't a special or seasonal product.

The scent is quite different it's quite spicy and remind me almost of Christmas with ginger, pepper and lemon it's an odd mix but it goes really well. It's a really warming and uplifting bath bomb which even though it looks really crazy it made me feel really relaxed and happy. It didn't do much for my body other then create the perfect bath, so this bath bomb is more off a shower then a doer.

The bath bomb was really impressive I placed it on top of the water and it just seemed to float there before slowly fizzing away loosing a layer of colour here and a layer of colour there, it was peaceful to watch. After around 10 minute's it has complete dissolved into my bath creating a dark rich purple colour which was calming and soothing.

I love this bath bomb and if I could afford to I would buy a batch of 30! Have you tried it out, what are your thought?

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