Blackout Monday

One of my favorite Youtuber and Blogger did a post/video on something called a Blackout night which I found really intriguing so thought I would give it ago myself. The basic idea behind a blackout night is to switch off all eclectic items and to go back to basic's, weather to spend time with someone you love or to just get some me time it's the perfect way to unwind and start new hobbies.

So for the last month I've given it ago and decided to do it every Monday as it's when I babysit and have the house to myself. I always start at 8pm as that's when my little brother goes to bed and my mum goes out for badminton, I then switch of my tv and phone and also my laptop and relax.

I start my night with a nice bath and a pamper with a glass of wine, I always put a mask on and as I leave the bath smoother myself in a body butter. I then normally do some reading as I always start a book and never complete it I decided that I would attempt to finish the three I have on the go at the moment and I'm already one down.

I'm a massive list lover and am forever writing them weather that be shopping, travel ideas or blog idea's, with blackout night I can write as many as I want and not get bored which I love. I also have been sorting through all my make up and beauty items meaning I've rediscovered loads I had forgotten, as well as re sorting my wardrobe I've had a lot of fun putting outfit's together.

So are blackout night's any good, I've been loving them! It's a great way for me to think about the past week and a great way for me to relax and unwind getting away from all the drama's online and not being distracted by the tv when I'm trying to read. I'm guessing with a partner in crime it would be even better so when i'm next at my sister's I shall have to do a blackout night with her and see how well it goes.

So what are your thought's on Blackout Monday? Have you given it ago and enjoyed it or hated it, let me know!

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The original idea for Blackout Night = Hannah Magg's


  1. I'd love to give this a go, but I don't think I'd last any longer than 2 hours, which is really bad :( I don't even watch TV either ha. It's such a good idea though, especially as we are so dependent on technology! xx

    1. It's quite fun to do! I did struggle at first but now I look forward to it xx