B. Quick One Coat Professional Finish - Mermaid

This product was including in my recent Glossybox and it's a brand I've seen quite a lot but not heard much about so i've always skipped in when looking for new make up. So I was finally able to try it out to see if it was any good!

The brand is simply called B. which is simple and easy to remember, they have quite a large collection and can be found in Superdrug. I was given the shade Mermaid which I adore the name as it's really cute and chic, the shade is a nice deep shimmery blue which does give a nice mermaid look.

It boosts in being a one shade paint which I would agree with after one coat it looked impressive as you can see with the photo below! It lasted on my nails for around 2 days which is quite short but I suppose after only one coat it is to be excepted!

Have you brought much from the range B. If you have let me know my leaving the link to your blog post!
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  1. Such a lovely colour. xx


  2. Lovely shade. I've tried loads from the B. range but haven't bought any of their nail polish yet. I hope you don't mind me pointing out that it's a Superdrug brand, not a Boots one.

    1. Oh no I'm always getting the two mixed up, thank you for letting me know!! xxx