Radox Berry Burst Review

I picked up this shower cream a few months ago now and have been loving it, I got it from Boot's for just £1.99 which is a great price for a shower cream. It's comes in a 250ml tube but the mini's are really popular as well as Boot's has loads.

The scent is my favorite thing about this product it's a mixture of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and red berries mixed with a milk making a shower cream rather then a gel. It's extremely fruity and rich and reminds me of ice cream which I love.

The texture is thick but it's quite runny making it easier to lather onto the body, it's comes out white and lather's up quite well meaning I only need a small amount to cover my body. I have had the product for around 2-3 months and have a quarter left which I'm really impressed with.

Over all Radox is a brand I've heard loads about but never thought about picking up a product but after a rushed decision I'm defiantly converted to the Radox brand and almost can't wait for the product to run out so I can browse the rest of the range!

What is your current favorite shower product? Let me know below and link me to any links if you have reviewed them!

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Blackout Monday

One of my favorite Youtuber and Blogger did a post/video on something called a Blackout night which I found really intriguing so thought I would give it ago myself. The basic idea behind a blackout night is to switch off all eclectic items and to go back to basic's, weather to spend time with someone you love or to just get some me time it's the perfect way to unwind and start new hobbies.

So for the last month I've given it ago and decided to do it every Monday as it's when I babysit and have the house to myself. I always start at 8pm as that's when my little brother goes to bed and my mum goes out for badminton, I then switch of my tv and phone and also my laptop and relax.

I start my night with a nice bath and a pamper with a glass of wine, I always put a mask on and as I leave the bath smoother myself in a body butter. I then normally do some reading as I always start a book and never complete it I decided that I would attempt to finish the three I have on the go at the moment and I'm already one down.

I'm a massive list lover and am forever writing them weather that be shopping, travel ideas or blog idea's, with blackout night I can write as many as I want and not get bored which I love. I also have been sorting through all my make up and beauty items meaning I've rediscovered loads I had forgotten, as well as re sorting my wardrobe I've had a lot of fun putting outfit's together.

So are blackout night's any good, I've been loving them! It's a great way for me to think about the past week and a great way for me to relax and unwind getting away from all the drama's online and not being distracted by the tv when I'm trying to read. I'm guessing with a partner in crime it would be even better so when i'm next at my sister's I shall have to do a blackout night with her and see how well it goes.

So what are your thought's on Blackout Monday? Have you given it ago and enjoyed it or hated it, let me know!

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The original idea for Blackout Night = Hannah Magg's

Beauty By JessB On Youtube, No Are You Sure?

Yes that's right I've taken a massive step and uploaded my very first Youtube video, I was really nervous so I said erm quite a lot and got a bit muddled but hopefully you shall enjoy watching. I'm hoping for some feedback and would enjoy your comments good or bad so please let me know what you think, and of course enjoy me erming my way through my July Favorites!

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Ohh La La Get You Topshop!

I'm a massive fan of orange lipstick's at the moment and am loving my MAC Morange but I was after a more toned down version so I opted for one from the Topshop range at £8 and picked up shade Ohh La La.

The shade is a really nice summery mild orange with calm undertones making it easy to wear yet noticeable, I found the lipstick to be extremely creamy and rich and it has a nice scent to it as well. It went on nicely and lasted around 4 hours before I needed to re apply.

This lipstick is a great day time shade and works well with most outfit's, although the price tag is off putting I would say it's worth the £8. Have you got any favorite summer lipsticks?

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Summer Essentials Giveaway!

Last week I hit 300 Bloglovin followers so I wanted to do a summer themed giveaway and went with the product's I've been loving and using most of the last few months in the summer sun! All the products in the photo are mine and of course you will be sent out new ones when I go shopping on Monday to pick them up! =]

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter, The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm, Calypso Dry Oil SPF Protection, Barry M Bright Pink Nail Varnish and Natural Collection Waterproof Mascara. To Enter just enter your details in the Rafflecopter below, Good Luck and Thank you for following!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hampshire Haul

On my recent trip to my sister's I of course did a spot of shopping and would love to share it with you what I brought all so here goes!

I found a lovely Harry Potter tee for only £6 which really shocked me it's a lovely purple shade and has all the house cups on, I was after a nice summer dress and opted for this mint green one for only £5 it has lovely detailing on the top and has a skater skirt for the bottom which I adore. For my hair I found a hair bando for £2 which had this gorgeous gold leaf design which is perfect for brighten my hair in summer. I picked up another floaty vest top for £3 but this time in a plum shade.

For my sister's wedding next month I'm going to be a bridemaid so I was asked to find a satin heel I liked and after searching for a while I found the perfect style in Zara for only £19.99. They will look great with my red dress and I can't wait now!

I love my MAC Morange but I find it a bit to bright for every day use so I was after a nice mutted orange shade and went for Topshop's Ohh La La a lovely dark orange with blue undertones which work well for summer.

I went back and picked up another Granny Takes A Dip as I love this bath bomb I reviewed it on my blog a few days ago and it has to be one of my favorites!

Hope you like this haul if you have any recent haul post's please link them below!

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Granny Takes A Dip Review - Lush

I saw this bath bomb at the Brighton branch last month and picked it up due to it being so colorful and looking like it would impress. I picked it up for £3.25 and it should still be available from stores as I'm pretty sure it wasn't a special or seasonal product.

The scent is quite different it's quite spicy and remind me almost of Christmas with ginger, pepper and lemon it's an odd mix but it goes really well. It's a really warming and uplifting bath bomb which even though it looks really crazy it made me feel really relaxed and happy. It didn't do much for my body other then create the perfect bath, so this bath bomb is more off a shower then a doer.

The bath bomb was really impressive I placed it on top of the water and it just seemed to float there before slowly fizzing away loosing a layer of colour here and a layer of colour there, it was peaceful to watch. After around 10 minute's it has complete dissolved into my bath creating a dark rich purple colour which was calming and soothing.

I love this bath bomb and if I could afford to I would buy a batch of 30! Have you tried it out, what are your thought?

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Visiting My Sister In Hampshire

Last week I went to visit my sister in her new home down in Hampshire, it was a really busy week so I thought I would share with you what I got up to and some photo's.

We went to the cinema to see The Faults In Our Stars I had read the book so I was kind of prepared but I still ended up crying, the film was great though well worth a watch. We had plenty of pub lunches and a few drinks in the sun before the rain hit.

We visited a fantastic place called Bird World which is great for family days out as they have a bird world area full of cages and cages of all different fancy birds, then there's the Jenny Ren Farm where you can pet and buy all the adorable animals from bunny's to goats to chickens, lastly they have a underwater world which has a great selection of fish. All for just £16 which is a great price for what you get!

There was time for a spot of shopping although I didn't think much of Guildford, as the first half was great in the shopping centre and a few shops outside but then it got majorly snobby and everyone looked down on us which really put me off going there again.

My sister also picked up her new kitten Caesar who is adorable and scratches like mad but I had to forgive him and his precious little face! There was also time for a BBQ or two when the sun was out, I had a great day and can't wait to go back and visit again soon.

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Lush May Day Review

I've had this little beaut sat in my Lush bag for a while now it was a limited edition bath bomb that raised awareness for the anti badger cull charities and that's where all the proceeds went to which was great as it cost £2.95 not to much to break the bank but a nice amount to spend on protecting badgers.

The scent was quite nice it was quite strong with not to much of a sweet smell to it and it was quite earthy which is an odd one but I found it was quite relaxing. It was a fast fizzer which as soon as it was put into my bath started to race around making it hard to snap a photo, but the water went quite a nice cloudy shade with the black on the bath bomb not effecting the water to much.

The bath bomb kind of reminds me of Halloween for some reason maybe it's the scent or the look but I think if Lush brought this out for this Halloween it would probably sell quite well! Did you manged to pick up this limited edition bath bomb? what were your overall thoughts on it?

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B. Quick One Coat Professional Finish - Mermaid

This product was including in my recent Glossybox and it's a brand I've seen quite a lot but not heard much about so i've always skipped in when looking for new make up. So I was finally able to try it out to see if it was any good!

The brand is simply called B. which is simple and easy to remember, they have quite a large collection and can be found in Superdrug. I was given the shade Mermaid which I adore the name as it's really cute and chic, the shade is a nice deep shimmery blue which does give a nice mermaid look.

It boosts in being a one shade paint which I would agree with after one coat it looked impressive as you can see with the photo below! It lasted on my nails for around 2 days which is quite short but I suppose after only one coat it is to be excepted!

Have you brought much from the range B. If you have let me know my leaving the link to your blog post!
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Hair Donut Review

I've been meaning to buy a hair bun or hair donut for ages now but couldn't find one to match my hair colour but after many hmm's and ahh's I opted for a lighter one to my hair so I went for a blonde donut from h'&'M for £1.99.

There are extremely easy to use and very simple, you just put your hair into a ponytail and pulled the donut through then spread your hair over the donut to cover it fully, place a band over the donut so it smooths out then twist the remaining hair round the bun and hold into place with pins. I've been loving this look for summer and as a daily and going out look.

Have you tried this look yet, what do you think of the new bun do?

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TRESemme Dry Shampoo Instant Refresh

I use dry shampoo daily as I have such thick hair it gets quite oily and I tend to get a greasy parting and my hair becomes quite flat. I've been using the same one for ages now so I was after a change and got rather excited to see one in last month's Glossybox from the brand TRESemme.

It's called Instant Refresh and promises to refresh and revive hair without water or to go into more detail it absorbs oil to revive hair giving a fresh and clean look between washes. To use the product you simply spray in bursts onto dry hair and roots, massage into roots to absorb oil and then brush through, a nice simply and easy to use product.

The scent is quite neutral and fresh with a hint of floral which is perfect for summer and spring, the product comes out lighter then most dry shampoos and has less white powder then a normal one making it easier to blend in and quicker to use. Over all it left my hair cleaner and added a nice bounce to my hair making my roots thicker and looking styled without using straightener's or a hair dryer.

The product cost's £5.25 from Boots or Superdrug.

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Hand Sanitiser Review

I picked up this little bottle from Primark for 99p a few months ago and have loved using it, it's the prefect hand bag sized bottle so it sit's nicely in with all my other junk! Meaning I can use it when I'm out and about when I most need it, as I wouldn't say i'm a massive fan of germs I do use it quite a lot.

The scent is my favorite thing about this product as it has a clean scent but it's also strawberry scented which is quite strong meaning I can smell it after putting it on my hands without holding them up to my face and looking odd which I love. The texture is the same as most gel's it cold and comes out like a gel but turns into a liquid pretty quick meaning you have to rub it in quite quickly.

It dries really quickly and leaves my skin really clean and fresh, the bottle last's quite a long time as I've been using it for around two months I would of thought it would be at least half way down but it's still quite full which is pretty good for 99p!

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Time For A Chat

I feel like I haven't done a chatty life post for ages, this is the best way for you to get to know me without following my twitter or adding me on facebook so I may do one of these post's every two months or so. It will be about my likes and dislikes from this month and anything I feel you need to be filled in on, if there's anything happening to Beauty, Bits and Bobs, so here goes!

What I've Been Loving
For me this month make up and fashion wise I've been loving my dark black skinny jeans and cute fashion tops, to style it out I've been wearing bright lip stick or lip gloss with a pop off colour on my nails.
I've also been addicted to CSI Sundays and Ghost Adventures Thursday's my two favorite shows which if I'm to busy to watch in the week I can have a marathon of a catch up on Sunday and Thursday.
I recently brought Frozen and have been loving it, the songs are so catchy and the storyline is adorable with heart break and love and the lovely humour in between it's the perfect film! Music wise I've just re discovered my love for the old My Chemical Romance albums and have put them back onto my ipod to listen to when walking to work.

What I've Been Hating
I've not been enjoying the summer colds I seem to catch every other week, my bag is currently full of tissues and cough sweets which is not so much fun.
My diet has just taken a back seat and for now I'm stuck in a rut so I shall have to make up a plan b and get back onto the old bandwagen and lose some more weight for my sister wedding in just 56 days!
Summer sales are now the bain of my life, working in retail and having to do a summer sale is horrid and my stress leveals are now sky high!

So that's pretty much what I've been loving and hating this past few weeks, let me know if you like this style of post and I shall know weather to continue writing them. Also how have you been this last week?

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Wisteria Nail Lacquer

At a recent Crabtree and Evelyn event in my goody bag I was given a lovely purple nail varnish called Wisteria which is part of there 21 shade selection which is available in store for £6 each.

The shade is a really nice purpley blue with some added shimmer it's a glossy colour which looks nice against the shimmer. It dries pretty quick and with two coats it a prefect shade, it lasted on my nails around 3 days which is good for a nail varnish at £6. I wouldn't say it was a good summer shade but it will look pretty nice in Autumn or at an evening event.

To pick up this nail lacquer you can find it in store or online, what your favorite shade from the Crabtree and Evelyn line?

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