Tanya Burr Nail's and Lips

I had finally at the start of June got my hands on some of the Tanya Burr range at the Brighton Superdrug and was so excited to try them out. I picked up Be Bright ,Be Happy, Be You and Little Duck nail varnish as well as Exotic Island lip gloss.

The lip gloss has to be my favorite product as the scent it just lovely it's really fruity and smells almost like fruity bubblegum which I love. The bottle is sleek and handbag friendly with a simple black lid and a simply design, the applicator is an odd one it's a flat design which looks quite odd but does make it easy to apply the lip gloss. The gloss goes on well and it's not to sticky or doesn't go on to thick, it last's around 2 hours before I felt the need to re apply which is good for a gloss.

The nail varnish are also great as they are highly pigmented and there is a great selection available, the paint went on my nails easier as it has a classic small brush which I love and it also didn't chip easily making it around 4 days before I felt I had to re apply or remove.

I can wait to select some more products from the range, what are your favorites?

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