Oooh I Was Born Lippy!

My lips always need a bit of care as I always forget to apply a nice balm instead it's lipstick's and glosses meaning they never get a good pamper, but I picked up a new lip balm around 3 weeks ago from Brighton at The Body Shop and after using it once I've used it every night before bed and when I wake up in the morning as I love it so much!

The scent is pink berry flavor and it smells amazing a little bit like strawberry milkshake which is a lovely scent. The texture is not to sticky but it does have a bit of a dewy feeling to it, I would also like to point out a little goes a long way as I found I only needed to use a bit and it worked amazingly but if I use to much I was a glossy mess with far to much on my lips.

It always leaves my lips really hydrated and soft and takes a while to soak in which I really like, it cost's just £3 and comes in 6 different scents.

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  1. What a cute package!