Lush Sakura Bath Bomb

I'm never normally disappointed with a Lush product but this has to be one of those bath bombs I hope to forget and not buy again. For looks it would score a 10/10 but how it worked it has to be around a 3/10, it cost's £3.25 which is the average price of a bath bomb at Lush.

The scent is suppose to be floral so it's scented for spring with cherry blossom which sounds lovely but I found it to be very mild and almost unscented in a way. It has a mix of jasmine, lemon and citrus oil to help bring out the scent but it just didn't do anything for me, it did however calm me and was quite soothing.

The colour of the water went cloudy like an off white shade which was odd as it was a pale pink with hints of darker colours. My skin after the bath didn't really feel any different or better off then it was before going into my bath, but it doesn't state that it does anything for the body so I wasn't really judging it in that area.

Overall I was quite disappointed and not really wowed by this product so I wouldn't buy it again no matter how lovely it looks!
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  1. So disappointing when products look really pretty but end up being ineffective. I'll be sure to give this one a miss. Have you tried the bubble bars? I love them! x

    1. Yes I love there bubble bars! My favorite is Brightside it's such a lovely scent and is so colourful! xx