King Of Skin Lush

Move over moisturizer there's a new kid on the block, King Of Skin and yes he really is a king. This amazing product from Lush has been the only product I've been talking about this last month and I can't boost it's ego anymore so I just had to share him with you lovely lot.

It's cost £5.50 for this product and you get around 6 uses out of it which is a tad expensive for a body butter but oh so worth it. The scent is rather odd as it's a blend of Bananas, Avocados and Oatmilks making it quite a neutral scent with some fresh scents. It designed to nourish your skin and make it super smooth which it 100% does, I've been running around to anyone I can get my hands on and asking them to feel my skin as I love it that much.

It's one of those product's which you can repurchase over and over and never get bored off, if only Lush brought out one that lasted longer then 6 uses!

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  1. I always love buying new products when I go to Lush. I'll definitely be buying this on my next trip! Six uses isn't that bad either :) x

  2. Love lush they never disappoint!