I'm Head Over Heels For Topshop

I've been loving this cream blusher this last month from Topshop, it's a perfect summer shade which I love and for only £7 it's the perfect summer bargain!

It's extremely creamy and really easy to blend meaning I can get the perfect shade onto my cheeks without over doing it which I really like. It's in a nice deep coral colour with I think is great for the current weather as you can style it out for summer and winter . The name Head Over Heels is cute and girly while the packaging is quite edgy which I really liked.

The blusher stayed on my face all day and didn't fade which I liked a lot, it also has a really handed mirror so if you do need to top up you can do easily. It's a nice hand bagged sized product and I would love to check out some more, do you have a favorite?

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