Bounce Bounce!

I'm always a lover of coral nail varnishes and can never turn away one with a cute name, cue Bounce by Topshop is this adorable orange shade which I've been loving this summer!

It's lasted on my nails for a good few days before it began to chip and I felt the need to re apply, the pigmentation for this polish was great it was nice and bright with a subtle shimmer which I love. It's a lovely summer shade and I can't wait to get as much out of it as possible over the next few months.

To pick up a pot it's available in selected stores and online for just £5 or two for £9.

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Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

I find it really hard to find a nice easy to use eyeliner which last's all day but this bargain from the recent Glamour magazine meant I could try out the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner for £2.

The applicator is almost like a felt tip and draws on like a felt tip which at first is odd but I got used to it quite quickly. The shade of black is nice not to dark but not to watery that it looks grey, I found it was easy to create a winged look but quite hard to do much else as the pen tip wasn't really large enough to create much than a simply eye liner look.

It stayed on my super oily eye lids for around 3-4 hours before I felt the need to re apply which is good as most eyeliner's last on me for around an hour at the most. To remove the eyeliner it took some force but it did come off with my bioderma. To buy the eyeliner it's available online for £12.

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I'm Head Over Heels For Topshop

I've been loving this cream blusher this last month from Topshop, it's a perfect summer shade which I love and for only £7 it's the perfect summer bargain!

It's extremely creamy and really easy to blend meaning I can get the perfect shade onto my cheeks without over doing it which I really like. It's in a nice deep coral colour with I think is great for the current weather as you can style it out for summer and winter . The name Head Over Heels is cute and girly while the packaging is quite edgy which I really liked.

The blusher stayed on my face all day and didn't fade which I liked a lot, it also has a really handed mirror so if you do need to top up you can do easily. It's a nice hand bagged sized product and I would love to check out some more, do you have a favorite?

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100% Natural Lip Roll-On

I brought this product around two weeks ago in Brighton and have loved using it, I brought it from The Body Shop and found it at the counter so i'm pretty sure it's a new product as my local store doesn't stock it yet. In total there are 5 different scents Coconut, Berry, Mint, Rose and the one I have Orange and at £4 there a great buy, I would love to try out Rose as I've never tried a lip product in that scent before.

To apply the product it's like any normal lip balm except it's a metal roll on which is quite cool so ideal for summer use, the product is quite sticky but goes on nicely. The scent is strong but doesn't taste to strong (it was by accident I tasted it!) and I found it left my lips really fuller and softer straight away which really impressed me.

The product is 100% natural including using soya to soften the lips and keep them kissable all year round!

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Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam

When I go out drinking I tend to use a black mascara instead of my daily brown, I like to go for thickening and lengthening lashes so I went for a brand I've used in the past and loved so I went for Rimmel's Scandaleyes Retro Glam. I've seen the advert for this product and when I had a look in store it stood out so much I brought it!

The thing that stood out the most was the brush it's curved at the ends and goes in at the middle meaning your lashes look bigger and bolder then normal. The product didn't go on my lashes to thick and seems to dry quickly meaning I didn't smudge or get into a mess using the wand.

The colour was really pigmented making it look really dark on my lashes standing out well against my other make up which I like a lot. Over all this is a great product and I'm glad I brought it for just £6.99, you can find it at Boots and Superdrug.

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Oooh I Was Born Lippy!

My lips always need a bit of care as I always forget to apply a nice balm instead it's lipstick's and glosses meaning they never get a good pamper, but I picked up a new lip balm around 3 weeks ago from Brighton at The Body Shop and after using it once I've used it every night before bed and when I wake up in the morning as I love it so much!

The scent is pink berry flavor and it smells amazing a little bit like strawberry milkshake which is a lovely scent. The texture is not to sticky but it does have a bit of a dewy feeling to it, I would also like to point out a little goes a long way as I found I only needed to use a bit and it worked amazingly but if I use to much I was a glossy mess with far to much on my lips.

It always leaves my lips really hydrated and soft and takes a while to soak in which I really like, it cost's just £3 and comes in 6 different scents.

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Tanya Burr Nail's and Lips

I had finally at the start of June got my hands on some of the Tanya Burr range at the Brighton Superdrug and was so excited to try them out. I picked up Be Bright ,Be Happy, Be You and Little Duck nail varnish as well as Exotic Island lip gloss.

The lip gloss has to be my favorite product as the scent it just lovely it's really fruity and smells almost like fruity bubblegum which I love. The bottle is sleek and handbag friendly with a simple black lid and a simply design, the applicator is an odd one it's a flat design which looks quite odd but does make it easy to apply the lip gloss. The gloss goes on well and it's not to sticky or doesn't go on to thick, it last's around 2 hours before I felt the need to re apply which is good for a gloss.

The nail varnish are also great as they are highly pigmented and there is a great selection available, the paint went on my nails easier as it has a classic small brush which I love and it also didn't chip easily making it around 4 days before I felt I had to re apply or remove.

I can wait to select some more products from the range, what are your favorites?

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Lush Sakura Bath Bomb

I'm never normally disappointed with a Lush product but this has to be one of those bath bombs I hope to forget and not buy again. For looks it would score a 10/10 but how it worked it has to be around a 3/10, it cost's £3.25 which is the average price of a bath bomb at Lush.

The scent is suppose to be floral so it's scented for spring with cherry blossom which sounds lovely but I found it to be very mild and almost unscented in a way. It has a mix of jasmine, lemon and citrus oil to help bring out the scent but it just didn't do anything for me, it did however calm me and was quite soothing.

The colour of the water went cloudy like an off white shade which was odd as it was a pale pink with hints of darker colours. My skin after the bath didn't really feel any different or better off then it was before going into my bath, but it doesn't state that it does anything for the body so I wasn't really judging it in that area.

Overall I was quite disappointed and not really wowed by this product so I wouldn't buy it again no matter how lovely it looks!
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An Evening With Crabtree And Evelyn

I was invited to an evening event held at my local Oxford Crabtree and Evelyn last week so decided to brave the outdoor's with a horrid cold and attend. It was there Handy Tips Handed Down event which ran for 2 hours and allowed me and fellow bloggers the chance to share make up tips and to pin them to the Handy Tips tree. My tip was 'When applying blusher smile to expose the apple of your cheeks, then apply your blusher'.

We also got to have manicures and a chance to have a hand treatments, I opted for a hand treatment which involved using there pomegranate scrub and moisturiser which I have to say is the nicest scent I've smelt in a while!

As well as treatments we got some nibbles and a goodie bag to take home, I also got a photo using a Polaroid camera which I love and have been ebaying to try find one for myself. It was a lovely event and I had a lot of fun chatting to the Oxford bloggers and the staff at Crabtree and Evelyn.

To follow the Handy Tips Handed Down use the hashtag #Crabtreehandytips or visit
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Neal's Yard Remedies

My bathroom cabinet was a little sample mad so I decided to use them up and do a review, the sample's which I had the most off was the Neal's Yard Remedies which is a skin care range with a lot of product on offer. I use moisturizers, oils, polishes and cleanser off all different sorts and kinds.

The scent of the products was pretty much the same it had a strong over powering scent which was like honey and flowers, it was quite unbearable for me but for some people it may be okay. My skin however liked the products and was left feeling pampered and super soft as the products contain a lot of good product for the skin such as coconut oil and aloe vera it made a big difference to my skin and I was left with clear and bright skin which felt nourished and loved.

Neal's Yard Remedies are available online here and it's quite expensive ranging from £20 - £40.

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King Of Skin Lush

Move over moisturizer there's a new kid on the block, King Of Skin and yes he really is a king. This amazing product from Lush has been the only product I've been talking about this last month and I can't boost it's ego anymore so I just had to share him with you lovely lot.

It's cost £5.50 for this product and you get around 6 uses out of it which is a tad expensive for a body butter but oh so worth it. The scent is rather odd as it's a blend of Bananas, Avocados and Oatmilks making it quite a neutral scent with some fresh scents. It designed to nourish your skin and make it super smooth which it 100% does, I've been running around to anyone I can get my hands on and asking them to feel my skin as I love it that much.

It's one of those product's which you can repurchase over and over and never get bored off, if only Lush brought out one that lasted longer then 6 uses!

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Brighton Haul

Last week I went for a mini break to Brighton and of course did a spot of shopping, I explored The Lanes, North Laine, Western Road and Churchill Shopping Centre and picked up quite a few goodies so here goes!

I picked up two new bath products I've never seen before and the first one is a bright and colourful 'Granny Takes a Dip' which was £3.25 and I also picked up the 'May Day' ballistic which looks rather interesting for £2.95.

The Primark in Brighton was quite small compared to my local one so I only picked up two items the first being an adorable flower bun with bright yellow sunflowers for £2 and I went for a rather cute summer dress with some cute giraffes on for only £5.

Pussy - It was a shop in The Lanes! 
I have been after one of these bunny lamps for ages and finally found one in a rather oddly named shop in the middle of The Lanes for only £4.99 which made me very happy.

The Body Shop
A while ago I saw a review on the Natural Lips Roll On Lip Balm and I was really interested by the product but my local store didn't stock them so I was really happy to see they Brighton has them in stock for £4 I picked up Orange. I also went for a new lip balm in the scent pink berry as I loved how cute the colour was and they scent is rather nice too!

Finally I have some off the Tanya Burr products after searching for them in all my local stores, I went for two nail varnishes and a lip product. The nail varnishes I picked up were Little Duck and Be Bright, Be Happy for £5.99 each and the lip product I went for was Exotic Island for £6.99, I'm really excited to try them out and can't wait to give the lip gloss a whirl as it looks really nice.

I wasn't excepting to find any make up in the branch as it looked quite small but there it was a make up stand with all the pretty products on! I came out with just two products as they are on the pricey range for a high street store so I went for a blusher in Head Over Heels for £7 this is a cream blusher which I'm really excited to try out in the summer when it's really hot, and I also went for a new nail varnish is the shade Bounce for £5 it's a really nice nudey orange which I really liked.

So that's it! Everything I brought while in Brighton I hope you enjoyed!

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My Birthday Trip To Brighton

I've just got back from a lovely two night break to Brighton and I've had to admit I had a lot more fun then I thought I was going to! The weather was okay a bit of rain here and there but it went nice and sunny for my last day there which was nice.

I stayed in a Hostel which was near all the main attractions and near the train station so I was able to walk everywhere and get around easier. The hostel I stayed at was called Kipps and for two nights in a private room it was £68 that also included breakfast, the staff were amazing at this hostel and it made my break that little easier stopping in such a nice friendly place.

I got up to quite a lot while in Brighton! I visited the Sea Life Center and had a walk along the pier to the amusement arcades, I also ate out a lot as well my favorite place being Harry Ramsden's the famous Fish and Chip restaurant!

I also of course visited The Lanes, North Laine, Western Road and Churchill shopping center for a spot of retail therapy! I shall do a haul post very soon!

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