Sally Hansen Sugar Coat - Gummy Grape

I found this little bargain at my local TKMaxx and was excited to try it out as I've heard a lot about the Sugar Coat range but the the price has always put me off picking one up so finding one for £2.99 made me very happy.

The shade is a dark purple so ideal for more autumn or winter wear but one coat comes out a lot lighter so you could get away with it in spring or summer. The effect on the nails is odd as it's sugar it's quite scratchy and feels like it could do some damage to the nail. It seemed to last me around 4 days before getting a bit to chipped I had to remove it, which was a little struggle as it's sugar and it needed a bit more elbow grease then a normal nail varnish but my nails underneath weren't damaged and looks great which surprised me.

The Sugar Coat range doesn't seem to be available anymore on the UK website and I've not seen much off it in any stores but there is now a Sugar Shimmer on the USA website so they may be bringing out a new range soon!


  1. I adore the colour! So pretty xx
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  2. So pretty...I like your blog.^^
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    Lovely greets Nessa