Revlon Colorburst Sizzle Review

While in TKMaxx recently I had a mooch at there beauty range and spotted a Revlon Lip Gloss, a brand I've heard about but never picked up any of there lip products just there skincare range. I picked it up for £2.99 it's normal price is £7.99 so I have saved £5!

The colour looks like a bright orange and looks quite pigmented but once applied onto my lips is goes clear and glossy with a hint of orange, I loved the overall look of the lip gloss and even though I was expecting a bright orange I was happy with the sheer gloss instead.

The applicator is an odd one it's a flat brush which I've not seen before but I did however find it easier to apply to my lips using this brush instead of a normal lip gloss brush. It didn't hold to much product and it spread the gloss evenly over my lips, I also found it was quite a flexible brush making it easier to get to ever bit of my lips.

It lasted around 2 hours on my lips so it had to be re applied every now and then but it's quite a nice hand bag sized lip gloss so I didn't mind to much!

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