Peanut Hottie Review

I would just like to say a massive thank you for the Peanut Hottie lovelies for sending me this amazing hot drink to review! All the opinions are my own.

The first thing I noticed was the drinks are only 83 calories which for peanut butter is pretty good, It's also made with real peanuts and made in the UK using American Peanuts. As it's a hot drink I was excepting it to have some caffeine in so I was pleasantly surprised to see it contains no caffeine which means you can drink the peanut hottie morning, day and night and to top it off it's suitable for vegetarians.

I made up my first drink in the morning the drink mixed into a frothy brown nutty colour, it was quite creamy and very nutty but had a slight salted taste to it which made it quite nice. My second cup I added some milk to see how it tasted and it made it quite rich but filled me up quite well so I only needed a small lunch!

You can also mix the peanut hottie into baking mixtures to create cookies and cakes or to create a milkshake, I'm yet to try out the peanut hottie into a biscuit mixture but as I have a birthday coming up I may give it ago and see how well it comes out!

Peanut hottie has a unique taste and makes a lovely drink, it's available in Sainsburys at £2.99 for 225g which compared to other hot drinks is quite good. Or you can visit Peanut Hottie to find out more.


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