Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel

I received this product at the recent #OxMeet and was really happy to try it out as I love masks and face products at the moment. It's from a company known as Murad a high end company selling all sort of skin care and beauty products, I got a tester product for free but the full price is £49.50 which for me is just way to expensive for a skincare product.

It's a product to help revise anti ageing cause my sun, smog and stress making the skin look radiant and youthful. Well as I've been helping my sister with her wedding I've been extremely stressed recently and thought it was a perfect time to test out this little tube of goodness. With Glycolic Acid, Vitamin C, Indian Fig and Myrtle Extract it's quite a harsh product that I wouldn't recommend to sensitive skin.

So even though it's a white lotion once applied to the skin it goes clear and doesn't seem to be on the skin at all once fully rubbed in and applied. It beings to tingle and almost burn straight away which is an odd but nice feeling I find. To remove the product you simply use a washcloth and pat dry, I'm not sure why it's called a peel as there's no peeling involved.

My face after felt nice and clean as well as looking really bright and it almost had a healthy glow to it. I've been using it for around two weeks now and have used it around 3 times per week, the different to my skin is loads I look and feel better. The only problem is the price if it was a lower price maybe even £30 I would buy it in a heartbeat but £49.50 is just far to expensive, so if anyone has a dupe for this product please let me know!


  1. I love Murad but not the prices. Ive also got a sample of this and lovd it. Its similar but better than Ren Glycolactic Radience Mask which also isn't cheap at £30 for a full size product.
    I also really like Good Things Radiance Face Mask which is a much better £3.99 at boots.

    1. Sounds good I'll take a look thanks xx