Moo Business Cards

When I'm out and about if I happen to get chatting about my blog to someone I always get asked 'do you have a card?' and for a while I carried around some hand made cards to hand out but I decided to look into business cards as I wanted a more professional look to my cards. I had a look online and did some research and the company that stood at the best was a company called Moo. So I began to browse and play about with the store when an offer caught my eye, create 10 free cards.

You can either create your cards with your own image, a text card or browse the already uploaded designs. I went for my own image where you decide your image layout and upload your own details and also create a header, I opted for the header of my blog. On the other side I went for the simple web address of my blog. You then create 10 designs using the colours and different formats, once done you then submits your details and click complete. I thought it was a really easy way to create business cards and I also loved how you didn't need to enter your bank details which made it safe and secure to know you wouldn't have any mystery charges.

As well as business cards they do mini cards, postcards, stickers and much more. Prices start from £13.19 and for such wonderful designs it would be a shame to not order some more!

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  1. These are adorable. I want some! xx