Brighton - What I'm Taking Clothes and Accessories

Last Monday I did a post on make up and beauty item's I shall be taking to Brighton which you can find here , I shall be going to Brighton in just two days so I have finally packed my case and got my travel outfit sorted so I thought I would show you all what I'm taking!

Travel Outfit
I shall be travelling in my jeggings as they are super comfy and easy to wear, I shall be wearing my pink baggy sheer vest top as it's rather cute and makes the outfit look stylish yet it's comfy and nice to wear. In case I get chilly I shall be wearing my blue blazer and for shoe's I shall be wearing my black Primark casual dolly shoes.

Thursday's Outfit
To wear for my day in Brighton I have gone for my midi pink skirt as it's quite summery yet a nice chic skirt that is cute yet comfy, to go with it I'll be wearing a simple white vest top and my blue blazer if I get chilly. To walk around the shops and explore I shall be taking my mini pink satchel bag and my summer sandals from Primark.

Last day Outfit
My jeggings will be making a return as I shall be coming home in the evening but not my pink top instead my sheer black top with my blue blazer.

Jewelry and Extra's
For my jewelry I've gone with some casual yet cute pieces with some long heart necklaces to go with my sheer tops and my flower statement necklace to go with my midi skirt outfit. To style out my jewelry I've packed my purple over sized ring and my adorable crow earrings along with the pink girly bow earrings.

My travel bag will be my large black Accessories bag, to shop with I shall be taking my small pink Primark bag and to store my shopping in I shall be taking the #OxMeet shopper and a Candy Kittens shopper!

And that's about it, I hope you enjoyed the two post's as this one is odd for me as I'm not a fashion blogger and have no idea how to do these sort of posts so do give me some feedback!

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  1. Ooh I love your pink midi skirt? Where's it from please?

    Jaq @