St Ives Apricot Scrub

I've been using this scrub for the last month now and absolutely love it, I'm not a massive fan of face scrubs but I got this one to try out at the OxMeet and thought I would give it ago. It's an apricot scrub which exfoliates the skin to tone and firm it to make it look renewed. It's available in a 150ml for £3.99 at Superdrug and Boots.

The scent is very fresh with hint of apricot which is the reason I love it so much, the texture is gritty as it has exfoliating beads in but while applying I don't really feel them to much but I do feel them working which is great. It's easy to apply as you just rub a bit onto your fingers and then rub onto your face and any other problem areas, then rinse with warm water.

I noticed my face looked a lot brighter and fresher in the mornings and I also noticed how easy it was to apply my make up. My skin seems to have cleared as well as I had a few acne scars and a few blemishes but the scrub has help a bit with that. The tube has also lasted me ages as it's been a month of me using it pretty much every day but I still have around half a tube left which is great.

They have a massive range of scrubs on offer and I can't wait to try them out, what's your favorite face scrub?

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Rose Bubble Bar Lush

This bubble bar is part of the Spring/Summer range at Lush and for only £2.95 it's a great little bubble bar, it's pink and white all swirled up with added glitter and of course an added leaf which I've been seeing a lot on Lush products.

The scent is you guessed it Rose with added lemon and citrus it has a really sweet scent which is also soothing and relaxing, it also has added cocoa butter to comfort the skin which it defiantly did. The bubbles for me where good but not really wow like some of the bubble bars they did however last for the whole bath which was good.

My skin felt great at the end of my bath and was covered in glittery bits which was a nice added extra, the scent lasted on my skin all night which was really relaxing. I love this little bubble bar but sadly it's not available online anymore but if you do find it in store it's worth picking up!

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Brighton - What I'm Taking Clothes and Accessories

Last Monday I did a post on make up and beauty item's I shall be taking to Brighton which you can find here , I shall be going to Brighton in just two days so I have finally packed my case and got my travel outfit sorted so I thought I would show you all what I'm taking!

Travel Outfit
I shall be travelling in my jeggings as they are super comfy and easy to wear, I shall be wearing my pink baggy sheer vest top as it's rather cute and makes the outfit look stylish yet it's comfy and nice to wear. In case I get chilly I shall be wearing my blue blazer and for shoe's I shall be wearing my black Primark casual dolly shoes.

Thursday's Outfit
To wear for my day in Brighton I have gone for my midi pink skirt as it's quite summery yet a nice chic skirt that is cute yet comfy, to go with it I'll be wearing a simple white vest top and my blue blazer if I get chilly. To walk around the shops and explore I shall be taking my mini pink satchel bag and my summer sandals from Primark.

Last day Outfit
My jeggings will be making a return as I shall be coming home in the evening but not my pink top instead my sheer black top with my blue blazer.

Jewelry and Extra's
For my jewelry I've gone with some casual yet cute pieces with some long heart necklaces to go with my sheer tops and my flower statement necklace to go with my midi skirt outfit. To style out my jewelry I've packed my purple over sized ring and my adorable crow earrings along with the pink girly bow earrings.

My travel bag will be my large black Accessories bag, to shop with I shall be taking my small pink Primark bag and to store my shopping in I shall be taking the #OxMeet shopper and a Candy Kittens shopper!

And that's about it, I hope you enjoyed the two post's as this one is odd for me as I'm not a fashion blogger and have no idea how to do these sort of posts so do give me some feedback!

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Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On

I've been recently having problems with my eyes mainly tiredness and soreness around my eyes making them look dull and tired, so I was after an eye product to help with soreness and to brighten my eyes as well as being easy to use. Cue Simple's Kind to eyes revistalising eye roll on, a brand I know I can trust and a brand that's affordable.

The packaging is nice and handbag sized as it's a 15ml tube with a simple twist cap, it has it's normal green writing. It's a blend of cucumber extract and multi vitamins to help reduce puffiness and wake up tired eyes, which sounds pretty good to me!

It rolls onto my under eye smoothly and feels quite cold and almost starts to soothe right away, the first time I used it it felt odd and a bit to cold but after a few uses it worked feel well. It made my eyes look brighter and more awake within moments of putting on, as well as lasting all day it went under my make up nicely and didn't effect my make up routine.

The only problem I had was when it went into my eyes as it's a product to be used near the eyes but once it gets in it hurts quite bad, I just washed it out and after 30 minutes of pain it went away. This product is available from Boots and Superdrug as well as low cost stores such as Savers and Body Care from around £2.89+.

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Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel

I received this product at the recent #OxMeet and was really happy to try it out as I love masks and face products at the moment. It's from a company known as Murad a high end company selling all sort of skin care and beauty products, I got a tester product for free but the full price is £49.50 which for me is just way to expensive for a skincare product.

It's a product to help revise anti ageing cause my sun, smog and stress making the skin look radiant and youthful. Well as I've been helping my sister with her wedding I've been extremely stressed recently and thought it was a perfect time to test out this little tube of goodness. With Glycolic Acid, Vitamin C, Indian Fig and Myrtle Extract it's quite a harsh product that I wouldn't recommend to sensitive skin.

So even though it's a white lotion once applied to the skin it goes clear and doesn't seem to be on the skin at all once fully rubbed in and applied. It beings to tingle and almost burn straight away which is an odd but nice feeling I find. To remove the product you simply use a washcloth and pat dry, I'm not sure why it's called a peel as there's no peeling involved.

My face after felt nice and clean as well as looking really bright and it almost had a healthy glow to it. I've been using it for around two weeks now and have used it around 3 times per week, the different to my skin is loads I look and feel better. The only problem is the price if it was a lower price maybe even £30 I would buy it in a heartbeat but £49.50 is just far to expensive, so if anyone has a dupe for this product please let me know!

Brighton - What I'm Taking Face and Body

This is going to be a two part post for Face and Body and Clothes and Accessories, as I love to mooch through post's about holiday packing I thought I would do one about my very short trip to Brighton in just a few days. I'm packing light as I will be there for only two days so i'll be taking my small travel case as I do intend to do some shopping so I will be stuffing it to travel back with!

Make Up
I'll be packing my normal make up bag so my Revlon Colourstay foundation, powder and concealer, I'll be taking my foundation and blusher brush as well as my Body Shop Bubblegum Blusher. For my eyes it will be Soap and Glory Arch De Triumph and my Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes. Perfume wise I shall be taking my Malibu samples as they are a perfect summer scent and the perfect travel size.

To remove all my make up I am taking my travel pot of Bioderma and a few cotton pads, to wash my face I'm taking Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash and the Balance Me Radiance Face Mask. I'm also taking my Hand Food Hand Cream and I'm also packing my handy travel size toothbrush.

For showering I'm using my Clean Girls Shower Cream from Soap and Glory, For after the shower I'm using the Vaseline body lotion and for any extra dry area's as I always get affected my the sea air I'm taking the Yu-Be cream. To protected my skin from the sun I'm taking my Calypso Dry Oil it's spf 30 and I love how it works so it's always a must for me in the summer.

I'll be using the new TRESemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo to stop my hair getting greasy by the sea, I'm using going to be using the Charles Worthington mini Shampoo and Conditioner. For some added style I'm taking my hair bun accessories as well as my travel brush with a cute mirror.

Part two post is coming soon all about clothes! 

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat - Gummy Grape

I found this little bargain at my local TKMaxx and was excited to try it out as I've heard a lot about the Sugar Coat range but the the price has always put me off picking one up so finding one for £2.99 made me very happy.

The shade is a dark purple so ideal for more autumn or winter wear but one coat comes out a lot lighter so you could get away with it in spring or summer. The effect on the nails is odd as it's sugar it's quite scratchy and feels like it could do some damage to the nail. It seemed to last me around 4 days before getting a bit to chipped I had to remove it, which was a little struggle as it's sugar and it needed a bit more elbow grease then a normal nail varnish but my nails underneath weren't damaged and looks great which surprised me.

The Sugar Coat range doesn't seem to be available anymore on the UK website and I've not seen much off it in any stores but there is now a Sugar Shimmer on the USA website so they may be bringing out a new range soon!

Moo Business Cards

When I'm out and about if I happen to get chatting about my blog to someone I always get asked 'do you have a card?' and for a while I carried around some hand made cards to hand out but I decided to look into business cards as I wanted a more professional look to my cards. I had a look online and did some research and the company that stood at the best was a company called Moo. So I began to browse and play about with the store when an offer caught my eye, create 10 free cards.

You can either create your cards with your own image, a text card or browse the already uploaded designs. I went for my own image where you decide your image layout and upload your own details and also create a header, I opted for the header of my blog. On the other side I went for the simple web address of my blog. You then create 10 designs using the colours and different formats, once done you then submits your details and click complete. I thought it was a really easy way to create business cards and I also loved how you didn't need to enter your bank details which made it safe and secure to know you wouldn't have any mystery charges.

As well as business cards they do mini cards, postcards, stickers and much more. Prices start from £13.19 and for such wonderful designs it would be a shame to not order some more!

The Body Shop Hair Chalk Review

I've been dying to try out something new in my hair as a previous hair dyer my hair was so damaged I've not been able to do much with it for ages, so when I saw a review for hair chalks I was really excited. They cost £5 each and come in pots of 3.8g from The Body Shop.

The pot are quite small and tricky to use but as it's a chalk it went all over my hands which would of been ok but it doesn't wash off as well as when washing my hair. It went on nicely though and was bright and a nice shade, I used a towel on my shoulders as I didn't want chalk to get on my clothes and then I brush any loose chalk out as well as spitzing it with hair spray. Did it work? No.

I was left with chalk everywhere and by the end of the night it was on my clothes, my pillow, my neck and anything I touched. For me it's an awful product and I won't be using the blue shade as I don't want to walk around looking like a smurf, and to top it off at the end of the night it had faded to a dark red.

April/May Haul 2014

As it was payday last week and I hadn't been shopping for myself for a while I decided to treat myself to a rather big shopping trip. I visited a few shops mainly Primark, Boots and a few other's so this will be quite a long post!

I picked up some sheer loose fitting vest's tops in a pink and black colour for £3 each, these will be perfect for summer and I can't wait to wear them.

I picked up this lovely mint green skirt for £8, it's in a really nice soft material and once it gets warmer it will look great.

This lovely necklace is my favorite purchase for £3, it's quite a simple design but looks really cute.

I've seen this sandals on a few blog posts and love them there only £4 and look really comfy, I also picked up a pair of black pumps for only £4 I have them in purple and love them so I thought I would pick some up for work.

I picked up my favorite moisturizer King Of Skin for £5.50 I love this product but as it only lasts a few uses it makes it a bit expensive to re purchase every other week. I also picked up a new bath bomb called Sakura for £3.25 it looks really cool so I can't wait to try it out!

I've been after a new make up set as my current one has run out so I opted for Revlon Colourstay and picked up there foundation for £12.49, the powder for £10.99 and the concealer for £6.99. I also picked up a new make up brush for £9.99 as my current one is a bit dirty and even after cleaning it hasn't really cleaned up that well. I also picked up nail varnish remover for £2.45 this is my favorite one as it help brittle nails which mine 100% are!

I noticed they had a new range of notepads out so went in to take a peak and came out with this adorable one for £6 which I love, I was suppose to look in the sale but this one was just to cute to leave behind.

I'm going travelling soon to Edinburgh so I picked up this guide book to help me out for £4.99, and I'm also going to Greece soon but was unsure on where I wanted to go so I picked up a Greece guidebook to decide where I wanted to go for £7.99.

I was after the new Now cd but ended up coming away with some dvds as well ooopss! So for £14.99 I picked up the lasted Now 87. I then picked up Frozen and The 2nd Hobbit dvd in there 2 for £20 offer.

I hope you enjoyed this rather long post and would love to see what you have recently brought so please leave your links below!

Bellapierre Cosmetics - Java and Snow Flake

In my recent March Glossybox I got a eye shadow from the company Bellapierre and then when I attended the OxMeet I was given another Glossybox meaning I got two eye shadows to try out. I was given Java and Snow Flake, the brand is quite a new one for me as I've not really heard of them before but I have seen some good reviews from them on other peoples blogs.

Snow Flake
Snow Flake is a really light white with shimmery bits of silver going through, as it's a loose powders I felt I got quite a lot of wear out of it as I only needed a small dab and it covered my eye. It goes on light and has a great build able coverage, I feel it will work well for summer as a nice subtle shade on the eyes.

Java is a brown dark shimmery looking loose powder which at first I was reluctant to try out as it wasn't really my shade. But it works well with a smokey eye and blends nicely to create a dark look on the eye, I did however felt it darken my eyes to much with my eyes being almond and having brown eyes it meant I looked almost like I was squinting.

As well as using them as eye shadows you can mix the powder to make a nail varnish by dipping a clear nail varnish into the powder and painting it on, I have tried this and it worked quite well but did however ruin my pot of clear varnish as I dipped in back in forgetting it had product on and made the varnish a mucky colour. If you have a mixing paste you can mix in to create lipstick, blusher, cream eye shadow and even mascara and eye liner.

The eye shadows are available online and from House Of Fraser at £12.99.

Peanut Hottie Review

I would just like to say a massive thank you for the Peanut Hottie lovelies for sending me this amazing hot drink to review! All the opinions are my own.

The first thing I noticed was the drinks are only 83 calories which for peanut butter is pretty good, It's also made with real peanuts and made in the UK using American Peanuts. As it's a hot drink I was excepting it to have some caffeine in so I was pleasantly surprised to see it contains no caffeine which means you can drink the peanut hottie morning, day and night and to top it off it's suitable for vegetarians.

I made up my first drink in the morning the drink mixed into a frothy brown nutty colour, it was quite creamy and very nutty but had a slight salted taste to it which made it quite nice. My second cup I added some milk to see how it tasted and it made it quite rich but filled me up quite well so I only needed a small lunch!

You can also mix the peanut hottie into baking mixtures to create cookies and cakes or to create a milkshake, I'm yet to try out the peanut hottie into a biscuit mixture but as I have a birthday coming up I may give it ago and see how well it comes out!

Peanut hottie has a unique taste and makes a lovely drink, it's available in Sainsburys at £2.99 for 225g which compared to other hot drinks is quite good. Or you can visit Peanut Hottie to find out more.

Lush Emotional Brilliance - Focus

While at a recent meet up I went to my very first Lush event and was given a cream eye shadow from the Emotional Brilliance range. The make up at Lush is quite expensive and for a pot of cream eye shadow it is £14.50 so when I was given one to review I was quite happy about.

Focus is a lovely silvery blue cream eye shadow which has a nice shimmer effect, it also contains natural oils to help with sensitive eyes. I found the shade was quite highly pigmented for a eye shadow, it also seem to go on well and not really dry up but didn't smudge after applying which is what I was worried about.

It lasted most of the day on my eyes but as I do have small almond eyes so it did fade a little in the crease of my eyes but I was still impressed with how well it stayed on. The meaning behind Focus is Stay On Track which I found to be quite a nice meaning and it almost match my personality as I'm one to go off track a bit!

So if you do pop into a Lush soon I would highly recommend there Eye Shadows, do you have a favorite shade?

200 Bloglovin Followers Giveaway! A MAC Liptstick

I would like to say a massive thank you as I've now hit 200 Bloglovin Followers and I'm nearly at 100 GFC followers which is amazing! To celebrate I'm holding a three week giveaway to win a MAC Lipstick of your choice, all you need to do is fill in the rafflecopter and comment with the lipstick you would like to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck and Thank you all for following!

Revlon Colorburst Sizzle Review

While in TKMaxx recently I had a mooch at there beauty range and spotted a Revlon Lip Gloss, a brand I've heard about but never picked up any of there lip products just there skincare range. I picked it up for £2.99 it's normal price is £7.99 so I have saved £5!

The colour looks like a bright orange and looks quite pigmented but once applied onto my lips is goes clear and glossy with a hint of orange, I loved the overall look of the lip gloss and even though I was expecting a bright orange I was happy with the sheer gloss instead.

The applicator is an odd one it's a flat brush which I've not seen before but I did however find it easier to apply to my lips using this brush instead of a normal lip gloss brush. It didn't hold to much product and it spread the gloss evenly over my lips, I also found it was quite a flexible brush making it easier to get to ever bit of my lips.

It lasted around 2 hours on my lips so it had to be re applied every now and then but it's quite a nice hand bag sized lip gloss so I didn't mind to much!