Topshop Easy Peasy Nails in Shade Grey

I was given this little pot of nail varnish at the recent #OxMeet in Oxford. I was happy to finally get to try out some Topshop Make Up as my local one was shut down around 2 years ago and my next nearest Topshop doesn't have a great range of make up products in store. The nail varnish cost £6 and comes in an adorable pot with a white and grey spot lid which I love.

It boasts about being a fast drying, extra long wear with lasting smooth matte finish and perfect coverage. A statement I would 100% agree with, it went on really well as it has a small brush and a long easy to hold handle, it also had a lovely matte finish which looked lovely for a daytime nail varnish. But the one thing I was so surprised about and really happy with was how long it lasted, I must have had it on my nails for around 10 days and I had no chips and didn't need to re apply I was so shocked.

This was after 10 days wear! 

Topshop have a large range on there website but I would love to pick up some bits from in store so if you know any where that has a large make up section please let me know!


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  2. What an interesting color AND for ten days, that's amazing. I seldom have polish on that long because I get bored and can't help myself.